Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts on the Same Device

Android Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts in Android – It is not always easy for Android users to manage multiple accounts on the same device. Multiple accounts, are of course, needed if you are managing more complex tasks on your device, but not all Android apps offer the possibility to manage more than one account.

For now, we can only use a single account on our favorite social networks and messaging apps. Even when we have two SIM cards on a dual-SIM card phone, it is not possible to register and use two different WhatsApp accounts, Facebook accounts, WeChat accounts or even Clash of Clan accounts. If you don’t know How to use Multiple Accounts of Same App in Single Device then must see this post.

Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts 

Unless of course if you use one of the following  apps. With all of these apps, you need not log in and out of your accounts and can switch easily between accounts with just a few taps. So below are best Android Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts.

1. Parallel Space – Manage Multiple Accounts on the Same Device

Parallel Space lets you toggle between two networks or accounts on a single Android device with just a tap. With it, you can login to two multiple social or communication accounts on the same device. This includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat or more. Switching accounts needs just a tap.

Parallel Space


  • Consuming only 2 MB space in your phone’s memory
  • Lets you share multiple photos/videos in separate accounts
  • Allows opening two gaming accounts side-by-side
  • Respects your privacy

Cons: Despite being a gen-next technology for Android, Parallel Space doesn’t support staying online on the two accounts simultaneously. It’s also known to cause some battery drainage initially after installation, but this reduces after a few days. Also be wary of compatibility issues with some apps leading to app crashes.

2. 2Accounts – Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

2Accounts is specifically developed to login to two IM, gaming or social network accounts. Like Parallel Space, it lets you login to two networks or accounts on a single Android device. Just tap to switch between accounts, without signing in and out. It supports most available networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+, WeChat, etc.



  • Maintains separate, parallel storage for two accounts
  • Supports 99% of the top games listed in Play Store
  • Guards the security of your accounts’ information
  • Gets you instant notifications for updates

Cons: 2Accounts may miss out on some of the notifications unless the app is open. Owing to the same reason, sometimes WhatsApp faces a few issues like delayed delivery of messages. Moreover, few people finds its ‘usage access‘ permission inessential.

3. App Cloner – Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

App Cloner lets you create app clones of your existing apps, thus allowing you to use multiple (not just two) networks or accounts. Cloned apps run in parallel with the original ones, hence keeping your data safe even when the original app gets updated. App Cloner supports multiple logins to popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. and offers varied customization options for the cloned apps.

App Cloner

Pros: App Cloner includes a range of powerful features like:

  • Lets you switch between several accounts
  • Allows changing colour and name of cloned apps
  • Offers adding password protection to cloned apps
  • Lets you disable auto-start and clear cache on exit

Cons: The drawback of this otherwise good app is its a lack of support for a few popular IM platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. Also, one can’t sign in to Google Play from the cloned apps due to a security certificate problem.

4. CM AppClone

CM AppClone is designed to offer parallel access to multiple social networking and messaging accounts. With a single tap, one can switch accounts and receive simultaneous notifications for all incoming messages from all of its various accounts. CM AppClone prevents conflict between apps by providing separate storage space for each account or cloned application.

CM AppClone

Pros: Top features of CM AppClone are:

  • Creates sub-accounts easily and quickly
  • Gives smooth and easy access with zero issues
  • Allows account switch from the notification bar
  • Supports multiple accounts for all types of applications

Cons: Unfortunately, CM AppClone doesn’t support a few selected Android devices. Sometimes it causes mobile lags and app crashes while using multiple accounts with this app.

5. Zapier

As is the case with 2Accounts, Zapier is an app letting you manage multiple user accounts on your Android device. it is one of the best Android Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts


On Android, Zapier offers you an option to add new user accounts on both mobile and web apps. Zapier comes with a tool to automate your accounts, which is handy if you want to collect all the date from several accounts to one.

Zapier connects to more than 500 apps. Another great feature is that Zapier can copy the information from one account to the other.

So these are best Android Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts in your Android Phone, use them and enjoy

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