Best Emoji App for Android and iOS (Top Apps in 2021)

Here are emoji app for android texting to do chat in more fun way. Emoji are best way to express your feelings without any words so in this post we provide you Best Emoji App for Android and iOS so that you can express your feelings without saying even a word.

use these Best Emoji App for Android to express yourself. These Emoji Apps for Texting are more fun to use than a normal Chat.

These Best Emoji App for Android are useful little tools, with hidden meanings the ability to inspire in-jokes and references within groups of friends. One of the things that make emoji so reliable for communication is the cross-platform support for your messages. Here’s Best Free Movie Apps for Android

Best Emoji App for Android and iOS

There are many different emojis and stickers available on Android and much more are frequently added. But still, you think that those aren’t enough and you keep looking for more. These emoji keyboard for android free download are best and easy to use. you can find eyes emoji, Face Emojis in these Emoji App for Android and iOS.

What Are Emoji’s 

An emoji is a visual representation of an emotion, object or symbol. Emoji can are in modern communication apps such as your smartphone’s text messaging or social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. To access your library of emoticons in any app, tap the smiley face icon on the keyboard. So we have collected the Best Emoji App for Android and iOS. All the social networking apps have the option to Emoji. Sometimes you can only express by putting an Emoji, no need to write any text. If you are happy, sad, anxious or excited all kinds of Emojis are available.

If you look at Twitter, after putting a status it has become mandatory to put an emoji or many emojis. It can help to seek more people’s attention also. If you are willing to seek the attention of the reader, you may write something and at the end of the status just put a strange emoji that can help to be specific sometimes. People try all they can starting from checking out growth tools, they see the list of bots for Twitter or may search for tips and techniques to grow in Twitter then writing funny or different status or using bunches of emojis to grow only.

Apps such as Facebook, whatsapp and Snapchat are big on Emoticons, and they are used in a variety of ways. Facebook gives you the option of adding emoticons to pictures you upload called stickers, comments or you can use large unique emoticons in the Messenger app. These emoji apps work on all Android Mobiles and iOS Devices.

List of Best Emoji App for Android

Impress your friends by posting the stickers on social networks such as LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, Facebook, Twitter and more. we have searched in playstore and find out Best Emoji App for Android for you.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

It is a keyboard with inbuilt plug- in for emoji which will suggest an emoji for you as you write any word or phrase. It uses Artificial Intelligence that automatically learns your writing style including the emoji you use, the words you use frequently and how you like to type. As it adapts to you and your writing style, Autocorrect and predictive text actually works for you. this is one of the Best Emoji App for Android.

Click Here to Download

There are tons of emojis which you can use for every occasion. It will suggest you an emoji when you write a word or a phrase. It will show you a pizza emoji when you actually type pizza. This is fun when you can actually see an emoji while typing.

2. StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji

Its coolest feature is its ability to create over 60 differently themed stickers using one picture that you carefully take and customize with the app. The stickers can be used in a lot of popular social media apps including Line and WeChat.

Click here to Download

Even though the more awesome stickers are paid ones, it will be nice if you head over to the PlayStore and give it a try if you want to create Emoji using your own selfies.

3. Emoji Keyboard Pro

Send stickers/clip art and GIFs on any social apps like Kik, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, ect. Lots of funny animated GIFs to choose, such as reaction GIFs, cat GIFs & Emotion GIFs.

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Get yourself a full-fledged keyboard that comes with built-in thousands of emojis for your personal use. Emoji Keyboard Pro is a fully functional keyboard that lets you customize the whole keyboard and make it the way you feel comfortable with it.


Available for both iOS and Android devices, referring to the Emojidom Smileys app as a kingdom of smileys wouldn’t be wrong. Having also received a lot of positive reviews from satisfied users, Emojidom is definitely a must get if you are an emoji fan. it is considered as Best Emoji App for Android and iOS also.

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With over 4,000 unique and funny HD smileys and emoji to share with friends over a wide variety of platforms. Its collection of emoticons has black and Asian emoticons, and the emoji are images automatically enabling support and visibility on any device.


This is our second keyboard with an emoji app plugin on the list. Also, present on our list of top 10 keyboards for android, ai.type keyboard is an intelligent and popular keyboard with nice themes and context aware features.

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Apart from all the cool features the keyboard possesses, it has scrollable UI to easily navigate through over 800 emoji and more than 1000 graphical characters. Remember its context aware feature? Just like SwiftKey, it can suggest emoji for you as you type words and phrases. The emoji plugin is available in the PlayStore for free.

6. SMS Rage faces

You must be tired of replying the same text again and again. With this app, you can send hilarious faces and memes, and have lots of fun. There are around 2500 faces available which are enough to have fun while texting. This app gives users a way to incorporate trending memes into their text messages which are unique and interesting.

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It is very easy to use after downloading. Just tap on a face and select the sharing method, like Facebook, twitter, etc. Your most used faces are added to the Favourites automatically. You can also preview the faces before sending for better results.

7. Swiftmoji – Emoji Keyboard

Swiftmoji emoji keyboard helps you reach your true emoji potential. Get perfect emoji predictions based on what you’ve just typed:

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It is another app which will surely up your emoji game. This app also predicts the emoji while you type and make you use the emoji faster during a conversation. This app brings emoji to you, you don’t have to go and search for it. This surely will make the texting interesting and you could use the emoji with little effort.

8. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoji,Theme,Sticker

With 3500+ Emoji, emoticons, GIFs, stickers on this Emoji keyboard, Facemoji helps you to spice up chat in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp.

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🎉Face Emoji comes true on all Android phone – the latest version of Facemoji turns your face or BFF face into animated Emoji! The faster hands-free typing of Voice Input allows speech to text dictation and boost your input speed

9. Kika Keyboard – Cool Fonts, Emoji, Emoticon, GIF

Packed with thousands of emojis, emoticons, cool fonts, funny GIFs😂, smiley faces, smileys, stickers, stylish keyboard themes, sounds, customizable keyboard wallpaper & layout and amazing goodies, kika keyboard that has been loved by over 20 million users is the best emoji keyboard app for Android!

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Protect yourself from embarrassing typos with our ultra-intelligent predictive text, smart autocorrect, suggested emojis and GIFs features and swipe to type messages single handedly!

10. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

The app lets you create your own super personalized avatar and comes up with stickers with that avatar. And the fun part is actually creating the avatar. I was amazed by seeing just how many personalization options the app has to offer.

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From the shape of your face to the wrinkles around your eyes, from your headwear to entire outfit, you can create an avatar which looks exactly like you. And this is the best part of the app.

So these are the Best Emoji App for Android and iOS. use these emoji apps and to more than a regular chat. These Emoji’s are self explanatory without using a word and your chat partner would also love these Best Emoji App for Android.

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