Best Facebook Tricks And Tips You Should Know

Best Facebook Tricks – Certainly the best Social Networking website available till now. Facebook connects you with the whole world pretty easily. It also allows you to share Photographs,Videos,Statuses,Life Events,etc

This year Facebook would have been in the social network scene for a decade. There are many fake facebook accounts, so you have to identify these facebook accounts. It has expanded to be the mainstream social network everyone is on, offering a wide range of options like Facebook fan pages, hashtags, and products like Facebook Page Insights, Facebook Home, a Camera app for iOS, Facebook covers (which some brands use to the fullest extend for branding), Facebook search and more.

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Best Facebook Tricks and Tips

 1. Create Fake Facebook Conversations

You can create Fake Facebook conversations to trick your friends. This tool also let us Include custom Pictures with Custom names and Comments. This tool is very easy to use and very user friendly.

Have you ever read about how World War II transpired on Facebook and the drama Avengers wreaked on Facebook? Well, those conversations are made possible with The Wall Machine. It’s a tool that allows you to forge status updates, comments, likes, recent activity, relationship update, and event attendance, with fake accounts and profile pictures as well. See conversation between Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama in the Pic

The Best website to create Free Fake Facebook Conversations  are

  1. The Wall Machine



2. Connect To Multiple Facebook Accounts

You probably noticed that you can’t login to more than one account on Facebook. However, if you use Chrome, there is a built-in profile feature that allows you to create a new user profile on your browser.

  1. Click on the Navicon on the top right of your Chrome browser. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Users, and click on Add new user.
  3. Choose your Profile Picture and give a name for that user.
  4. Click on Create and a new Window will be opened.
  5. You can now login to your Facebook account as per user profile and easily switch between users at the top right corner (see below).

This is available on Firefox as well.

Connect To Multiple Facebook Account

3. Create Fake Facebook Profiles

You can create Funny Facebook profiles. You can also create funny profiles of your friends original profile to confuse them. You can add a Custom Profile Picture , Cover Picture , Date of Birth, Friends ,etc

The Best website to create Free Fake Facebook Profiles –


4. Photo Zoom For Facebook

With Photo Zoom you can view any photo updates on Facebook in a larger size on your timeline simply by hovering your mouse over it. Get the Chrome extension here.

Photo Zoom for Facebook

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5. Hide Last Name On Facebook

Facebook needs you to declare your first and last name, that’s two names, but if you want to have your account bear only one name (or just your first name), you can. Indonesians canregister an account with only one name since many of them actually go with just one name. So for you to have a single name like Neo here, check out the instructions below.

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Grab any Indonesian proxy from this list here then change your proxy on your browser.
  3. On Chrome for PC head to Settings > Show advanced settings > under Network, click on Change proxy settings > click on Lan Settings and tick “Use Proxy Server for your LAN”.
  4. Fill in the address box with the proxy, and the port box accordingly. For example, if your proxy is, “” goes into the address box and“8080” is the port.
  5. Tick on Bypass Proxy Server For Local Addresses. Press OK.
  6. Now, go to your Facebook Account settings page, change the language to “Bahasa Indonesia” and save changes.
  7. Remove your Facebook last name and save changes again.
  8. Once you have complete everything, revert to your original language.
Hide Last Name on Facebook

6. Convert Your Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page

A Facebook Page  is different from Facebook Profile. Many People create separate Profiles and Pages. But Don’t worry now you can Convert your Facebook profile into Facebook page Easily with this Facebook trick.

Procedure To Convert Your Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page-

Facebook Tricks 2015

  • Go to The Facebook profile Business Page Migration by Clicking Here 
  • Select a Category and fill the necessary details
  • Fill in your password and click on Confirm
  • Now Click on Finish and your Facebook Profile will be converted into a Page

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7. Download All Facebook Uploads at Once

We all share a lot of Photographs on Facebook even I too have shared 227 photographs till now on my Facebook account and I am using Facebook since 2012. The problem we all face is saving uploaded Photographs one by one. But by this Facebook trick you will learn the procedure to download all of your Facebook photos at once.

Procure to All Facebook Uploads at Once-

  • Go to
  • Login Using Your Facebook Account
  • Select the Albums you want to download (You can also download video from this Website)
  • Click on download for downloading all the photographs in .Zip file.
facebook hacks 2015

8. Post Into Multiple Facebook Groups In One Click 

We all are aware about the popularity of Facebook. It’s one of the best method to share your content online or you can say best social media ever build to promote your contents and products online. Facebook provides many features to boost your traffic in seconds such as Facebook Page, FB Groups, Your Own FB Wall etc.

Click here for Full Tutorial

9. Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page at Once

Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page (Single Click) – FaceBook Tricks Today i am going to explain you the best way for how to invite all friends to like page on Facebook.  Which will help you to give tremendous growth to Facebook page likes. Just we need to install extension or even by running small script to invites all friend to like Facebook page.Which you can also to invite all friends to Facebook event

Click here for Full Tutorial

10. How To Become Admin of Facebook Group that has No Admin

Want to Become Admin of facebook group that has no admin. Use This Tutorial and be admin of Many groups.We all are aware about the popularity of Facebook. It’s one of the best method to share your content online or you can say best social media ever build to promote your contents and products online.

Click here for Full Tutorial

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