Best ways to claim Airdrops in PUBG Mobile

Best ways to claim Airdrops in PUBG

Here are a few tips that will help you come ahead of all other players and claim the Airdrops in pubg that fall down throughout the map during a game. if you are playing PUBG Mobile on a regular basis and are still relatively new to the game, this article is for you. Here are a few tips that will help you come ahead of all other players and claim the Airdrops that fall down throughout the map during a game.

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrop is a crate that is full of high-level supplies that make playing the game much easier. Due to the supplies inside of the airdrop being of a rare quality, it is very difficult to find them while looting city buildings. Looting an Airdrop might sound easy, but it is not so easy. That’s because a lot of players keep an eye out for these Airdrops and everyone wants them. This causes a lot of players to get together at a small point, thus creating a mini warzone whenever an Airdrop arrives. So read full post for Best ways to claim Airdrops in Pubg Mobile.

What is inside of an Airdrop?

* Weapons: M249, AWM, Mk14 EBR, OTs-14 Groza and AUG A3

* Weapon attachments: 4x scope, 8x scope, 15x scope and silencers.

* Gear: Level 3 Helmet, Level 3 Armour, Level 3 Backpack and Ghillie Suit

* Medical supplies: Adrenaline Syringe and Medical Kit

Best ways to claim Airdrops in PUBG Mobile

1) Timing is key: Keep an eye out in the sky to spot if a supply plane is coming. If you see one, follow it and wait for it to drop the crate. Once the crate is dropped, rush to the location where you think the crate will land, while keeping a lookout in the surroundings for lurking players. You can use these PUBG Secret tips to win in Pubg.

The crates usually take around 10 to 15 seconds to land, so if you are in that time able to reach the location of the drop, well and good. However, if it is taking more than 30 seconds, then the wiser option would be to leave the crate as the location would have turned into a warzone. Worse, the crate might be empty by the time you get there.

2) Use a car: While you are rushing to the drop site, you might not be able to focus on the surroundings, which will give an opportunist player the right time to shoot you down. So if you are rushing in a car the players might not be able to shoot you so easily as you will be secured by the structure of the car and moving at a faster pace. Even if a bullets manage to find you, they will not kill you, just lower your health, which can be replenished later on.

3) Use the full squad: When you reach for the crate, the teammates with the highest level of armour and helmets should go to collect the loot while in a crouched position, whereas the other two should give them cover.

After that just divide the loot among the team members when back in a safe place. For example, AWM can be given to the best sniper in the team and the ghillie suit can be handed to the player that is best at hiding during the game to ensure that your team reaches the last stages.

4) Don’t just run after looting the crate: We recommend that you wait in a safe location where you are hidden near the crate. This is because other players will flock to the crate. And when they do you can simply surprise them by taking a headshot, giving you a clean kill. If a lot of players come around, just use the technique of “spray and pray”, which will give you a lot of kills.

5) Fire in the hole: If you are scared of rushing for the crate, just smoke the crate from afar and run towards it. When inside of the smoke, try to quickly grab the supplies and escape. After that it will look as if no one was ever there.

Even if somebody were to spot you running into the smoke, they will fire blindly and inaccurately as they can’t see where you are, which will make it easier for you to take the loot and escape from the other side.

6) Calling for an Airdrop: If you were to find a flare gun, you can call for your own personal Airdrop. But remember, even though the drop will come to you, others can also see it.

So be prepared for some unwanted visitors. If you do not call for the airdrop inside of the safe zone, you will not be getting a crate. Instead, you will get a bulletproof car, which has its own merits, but we are talking about airdrops as of now.

7) Some drops are worthy to let go: Airdrops do not always land on the perfect locations. They might land on a roof or inside water. These drops are better left untouched as opportunist snipers keep an eye out for players trying to get these. And due to the players being slowed down by the circumstances around these locations, it is easier for the snipers to take kills.

So these are some of the Best ways to claim Airdrops in Pubg Mobile. If you also know any other Best ways to claim Airdrops in Pubg comment below and we will include those in this list. Before you start running towards the next Airdrop, we recommend that you take a list of items that an Airdrop holds. This will help you get a sense of the items you can get and if they will be useful in the strategy you have for the game.

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