How to Buy TRON [TRX] Using Bitcoin

How to buy TRON using Bitcoin – If you want to buy Tron in US and other countries then there are various websites and exchange sites to buy TRON. We have added all steps to buy TRON in using Bitcoin. Below you will find all details on How to buy TRON in India using Exchange sites and other good sites to Buy TRON. Here’s How to buy Ripple using Exchange

Tron is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol for the global digital entertainment industry in which TRX, Tron’s token, is circulated. It enables one-on-one interaction between the suppliers of digital content and the normal users. Thanks to tron, content providers no longer need to pay high channel fees to the platforms such as Google Play store and Apple’s Appstore.

Latest Update – New Registration is again started in Binance

Following the success of Bitcoin (BTC), ripple (XRP), and litecoin (LTC), another upcoming digital currency ‘TRON’ witnessed a massive surge on Thursday. On January 4, the digital currency was trading around $ 0.15, nearly 100% higher than the previous session’s closing. After the jump, the market capitalization of TRON jumped to nearly $10 billion, while the market cap closed at $5.17 billion on Wednesday. It is startling that the same figure a day prior was over $3.42 billion and $2.94 billion on January 1.

India does not have a good exchange for TRON, but you can easily buy it using Bitcoins which you can purchase from Zebpay/Unocoin. Also signup in Koinex and BTXIndia have stopped for what so ever reason so you cannot directly buy Ripple in India. First you need t buy Bitcoin using Zebpay or unocoin in india then you can exchange it to TRON using Binance or bittrex or any other Exchange sites.

Note – New Signup in Koinex, BTCxIndia have stopped so there is only one option left to buy TRON in india which is by exchanging via bitcoin.

Don’t worry we will provide all steps in details so that you can buy TRON in India without any further delay and issues.

How to buy TRON using Bitcoin

  1. Sign up for Coinbase and buy Bitcoin. if you from India you can use Zebpay App or Unocoin app to buy Bitcoin.
  2. Sign up for Binance.
  3. Send your Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance.
  4. On Binance, exchange your Bitcoin for TRX.

As you know now TRON is one of the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. Because it acts as both cryptocurrency and digital currency for any financial transaction. The best part f the cryptocurrency is you can transfer from one country to another country within a second without any transaction fees.

As you all know nowadays bitcoin is very popular in the world and there are so many other currencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin has established their market in the crypto world. There are 100 Billion of coins are available out of these company holds 61 billion coins.

Steps of How to Buy TRON using Binance

First you need to Buy Bitcoin, so if you don’t have bitcoin use Zebpay App and Unocoin App to invest in Bitcoin. If you already have Bitcoins then follow below steps to Buy Ripple in India. you can use Zebpay Referral code to get free Bitcoin worth Rs 100 and uncoin Referra code to get Rs 200 Free Bitcoin.

How to Buy TRON in India using Binance

Binance is a fast growing crypto company, created by experienced professionals in the cryptocurrency space. The most recognizable name behind this project is that of Changpeng Zhao, former CTO at OKCoin.

  1. Visit here to create account in Binance.
  2. Click on Sign up ans enter your email id and Password
  3. Enter Binance Referral code as 18919209 during signup to get Free Bitcoins
  4. Now Verify your email address.
  5. Login and now you need to enable 2F Authentication Used for withdrawals and security modifications

  1. in that Select SMS and enter your Mobile number and verify it. you can also use google authenticator app for 2F Authentication.
  2. After That you need to deposit bitcoin in Binance. If you have Bitcoin in your Zebpay app just Send Bitcoins from Zebpay App to Binance Bitcoin Address.
  3. After you have deposited/Sent Bitcoin to your Binance bitcoin address you can start trade.
  4. We start by selecting XRP/BTC pair market. you can visit How to use Binance Exchange to trade Cryptocurrencies
  5. In order to buy (Limit): Set the desired price, select amount (TRX units, or select percentage of your total Bitcoins). The total BTC (the cost) will then be calculated automatically and click on Buy.
  • Click on the EXCHANGE link right beside the Binance Logo, then select the Basic link that appears.
  • At the top right corner of the exchange page are the pairs that are being traded on the exchange.
  • Locate the TRX/BTC pair, click and wait a moment for the chart to load up.
  • Beneath the ADA price chart, stick to the Buy ADA section. This is where the transaction is carried out.
  • The first field displays the value of BTC you pay per TRX.
  • The second field lets you enter the number of ADA you are willing to buy.
  • Use the buttons 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% to indicate the amount of your funds deposited you are willing to use for the transaction. 100% meaning all your funds, and the field is automatically filled with the value of TRX you can buy with your funds.
  • The last field shows the number of Bitcoins you are paying for the transaction.
  • Click the BUY TRX button to exchange.
  1. Now you have successfully bought Ripple in india using Binance.

Video Tutorial of How to Buy TRON


Below are some More sites to buy TRON

Below is the list of sites from which you can buy TRON but many of them stopped new registration, you can try them if you don’t want to buy using Binance.

1. HitBTC exchange

An intuitive user interface makes HitBTC a fairly easy exchange for new traders to get started with. It also offers a robust tool set designed to meet the needs of advanced traders.

HitBTC is one of the few exchanges that supports direct fiat/cryptocurrency trading, although users do need to go through a fairly stringent verification process to take advantage of this feature.

HitBTC is a multi-faceted cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform with support for over 150 tradable digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokens and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Catering to a worldwide user base, HitBTC was started in 2013 with 6 million euros in venture capital funding.

Since its inception, HitBTC has continued to add new currencies and tools to its platform, including an ICO feature that facilitates adding tokens to the exchange.


2. Exchange is a bitcoin exchange platform which supports BTC, LTC, Ethereum, Qtum and more blockchain assets trading. is operated by Gate Technology Inc. They are dedicated to security and your experience, offering you not only a secure, simple and fair Bitcoin exchange but also promising to safeguard your asset and trading information.

They have:
– Super secured SSL Link
– Offline Bitcoin Wallet Technology
– Instant deposit and withdrawal for Cryptocurrencies
– Two factor authentication
– Low Fee. No fee for deposit. Low trading fee. Low withdrawal fee with optional withdrawal service

So these are some best ways to buy TRON in India. we will keep on adding more methods in future so keep visiting the post and if you are facing any issues in any step, comment below and we will try to resolve your problem.

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