How you can use your smartphone to snag a free sports bet

How you can use your smartphone to snag a free sports bet

The internet is awash with self-proclaimed sports betting experts who boast of how they can guarantee their followers profits on soccer, American football, horse racing or any other popular sport covered by mybookie. Often access to these fantastic tips and predictions comes at a cost or monthly subscription. That got us thinking. We’re all about sharing information and hacks, but if a tipster is talented and beats the bookies that frequently, why would they need subscription money? Surely they’d be wealthy enough already.

We won’t get deeper into the ins and outs of online sports tipsters, but we will advise you to be wary of who you trust if deciding to seek help with your online gambling and predictions. Do your research, find out everything you can about a tipster before following their advice or sending them money. Remember, if they are wrong, it could cost you twice. Once for the subscription cost and again for the stake on the failed bet.

There is one fantastic hack our team has discovered, and it will work for anyone interested in sports betting. Nothing is guaranteed in the world of gambling, of course, but this one is as close to a sure thing as you’d hope to find, and we’re happy to share the advice with our readers completely free of charge.

Welcome bonus

Our sportsbook gambling advice relates to how you can get a free bet with just about any major bookie. There are no tricks involved, and there’s no catch. You don’t have to promote the bookie on social media, sign a contract or do anything other than place a bet. What’s more, you can use this trick as many times as you like to claim as many free bets as you want. It’s a tactic used by every profitable and professional punter, and it’s a tactic you can adopt today in less than five minutes.

All major online betting sites offer new customers a welcome bonus when you create an account and join their band of bettors. Why would they do this? Bookies certainly aren’t known for their generosity or love of giving things away for free, but this is different. The online gambling market is a fiercely competitive one. It has become so competitive that apps are fighting for your business, battling desperately to catch your eye. How does a bookmaker succeed in such cramped surroundings? First of all, they must stand out from the crowd and grab your attention.

They do this by offering a welcome bonus designed to lure you in and convince you to choose their site over the competition. Welcome bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes, with the most popular being deposit matched free bets. This is a tool used by the betting firm’s marketing team that gives you a free bet equal in value to your first deposit and gamble on sports.

For example, if you sign up and place a $50 bet on football, you’ll receive a $50 free bet to use on the sports market of your choosing. This allows new customers to double the amount they have to spend on betting and gain enough to familiarise themselves with the betting app’s layout or target a winner at big odds.

Research what’s available

Other types of welcome bonuses to keep an eye out for are risk-free bets, no deposit bets, enhanced odds, cashback, extra places each way and profit boosts. Trawl the market and pick out the welcome bonus that best suits you as an online sportsbook gambler but don’t rush in and snatch at the first freebie that catches your eye.

Read the terms and conditions, check out the site, research the odds. These steps will ensure you have a solid understanding of how the promotion works and what appeals to you on the betting site. This tactic will also ensure you know what is expected of you as a registered member of the betting app and how best to use the free bet to boost your chances of landing a winner.

Welcome bonuses are strictly for new players and are one per customer. There’s nothing in the rules that state you can only have an account with one bookie. There are hundreds of betting sites out there, and you are free to join them all and land the welcome bonuses.

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