How to Change Google Background Image (Simplest Method)

Many of you want to Change Google Background Image, so we will Provide you steps to Change Google Background Image. Give Google’s”s search page and your tabs a new look and feel by changing the background. Here’s how to do it.

Google Chrome browser have many customization features like you can Change Google Background Theme and Change Google Background Color, you can also change Google Background Images. Steps are easy and simple to Follow.

To Change Google Chrome Background Image there are many extension available so we have searched in chrome web store and posted below so that you can change your google Chrome Background Image.

Steps of How to Change Google Background Image

They are Extension in Chrome Web Store to Change Google Background Image. You can Select those extensions and Change Google Background Image according to your Choice. so below are some Extensions to Change Google Background Image.

Easily upload new beautiful images and wallpapers to your personalized home page, which you can easily access from the below extensions.

1. Background Image for Google™ Homepage

Get your background image back on Google Homepage!

Choose an image from Flickr, upload your own, or put in a URL of your favorite image. Every time you go back your Google homepage, you’ll be greeted with your own specific choice!

2. Custom Google™ Background Image

Personalize your Google™ homepage with custom background images, color, digital art, or your favorite wallpaper.
Choose your personalized home page image background for Google!

★ Turn any image into your favorite wallpaper

★ Choose hi-res photos from Unsplash to be your Google background image

★ Choose any color background for Google – from a white background to your favorite color according to its Hex color code

★ Easily change between your favorite wallpapers to find the perfect custom background image for Google

There are many other extension available to Change Google Background Image but these two extension are best and easy to use. You can Change Google Background Image to your favorite image and make your google Homepage look good.

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