Cooking Crush: Cook Delicious Meals in This Free Cooking Game

Love food? Then what are you waiting for? Get up and start cooking in Cooking crush! You no longer have to stand for hours in front of a hot stove and get sweaty. Heck, you do not even have to worry about walking into the kitchen!

Cooking Crush! — What is it?

Cooking Crush! is an Android phone game that is a simulation of various kitchens in different types of restaurants. The player must complete the tasks under the role of the master chef and keep their customers happy under a limited time.

Where can I get this kitchen game?

This kitchen game is available at the Google Play Store for free download.

What do I do in this food game?

The name is pretty self-explanatory — you have Cooking Crush! You have to pass each level by preparing meals according to the customers orders. Here’s the catch though, you have to be quick about it. If you are late, the customer will become angry and end up leaving. This could cost you not only money and reputation but the food will also go to waste. You also have to make sure you do not overcook the food that you are supposed to prepare. If you do, you might even burn it.

This is just a cooking game. What makes it different from the rest?

While starting to play the game, I had a similar mindset about the game but once I had started playing, I found it impossible to stop. The game isn’t based on just one kitchen. Every passing level brings you closer to a new kitchen. The game has a wide variety of
restaurants, and every restaurant brings with it, the chance of cooking different gourmet food.

The game is free so I have a feeling it won’t be good. Is it up to par?

The game is absolutely fantastic! Cooking Crush has the best graphics I have seen. The colors are so beautiful and vivid. The food is so detailed. You feel like you are actually cooking real food. From the juicy burger patties to the frosty shakes: everything is so fine and perfect.

What is the take-home advantage of this cooking game?

All free cooking games have pretty much the same basic routine. You have to cook food and finish orders. However, Cooking Crush sets the bar high with its innovative ideas.

  • This cooking game shows the majority steps of food preparation so that food enthusiasts can learn how to do the basics.
  • The levels become progressively harder which teaches the players that life comes with its own set of difficulties.
  • Cooking Crush teaches the players time management skills. Cooking under the clock can help practice these skills while the reward of a happy customer and coins are good incentives.
  • Taking different orders and combinations of orders under the pressure of a ticking clock and a long row of customers requires good hand-eye coordination. Playing Cooking Crush! helps improve reflexes.
  • Cooking live in front of the customers helps bring confidence for those players who lack it. Food games has a real-life feel to it and this aspect of the game challenges the player to become bolder.
  • Even though the game relies on pushing a player to become the best they can be under pressure, the game developers made sure to not overburden their players. The game has happiness challenges where coins can be collected on finishing meditative challenges like deep breathing, counting blessings and just smiling. Never have I ever seen anything like this while playing other kitchen games.

Should I play this time management game?

Out of all the other cooking games that I have played, I would a hundred percent recommend playing Cooking Crush The game checks all the boxes for being a big hit. From the crisp and eye-catching graphics to the adequate amount of versatile challenges, Cooking Crush! is the freshest new cooking game 2020 around!

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