The Cutest Games for Android

High-powered platform games with flashy graphics, gritty gameplay, and a slightly terrifying world are certainly all the rage right now, but sometimes it really is nice to kick back with a game that’s welcoming, friendly, and maybe even cute. A game with a cute vibe is going to feel way more relaxing after a long day at the office than a quick-fire shoot-em-up, or dragon slaying mission. Plus, there are absolutely loads of titles available for Android that have cuteness at the heart of their game identity. If you’re not ashamed of loving a little bit of cuteness in your gaming library then we guarantee that one of these games will make it onto your new list of favourites.

Evo Creo

If you were a fan of the original Pokémon games then you’re going to love this copycat. Available to play on Android (or indeed on iOS) this game is a dead ringer for Pokémon’s original Gameboy games. You’ll choose your player and be thrust into the world of Creos. These creatures are pretty cute and tiny, to begin with, and each use moves relating to a certain element. The more of the moves your Creo uses related to its element, the more a Creo uses a water-type move, for example, the more likely they are to evolve to become a water-type Creo in later life.

As they evolve they get larger and often a little less cute, but by that point, you’ll have done more than enough adventuring with your Creo to still appreciate its cute side. As you explore the expansive map, you’ll come across different people with lots of things to teach you, as well as different Creo who you can capture and add to your collection. It’s a simple game but a tried and tested format that still works as well as it did some twenty years ago.


If you enjoy casino-style gaming then VegasSlotsOnline not only provides its own games which you can play in your browser but also reviews games designed specifically for Android and has a selection of slot games of its own available on Android too. Perhaps the cutest of all is their Buffalo slot game. This slot features the American Bison, often colloquially referred to as the buffalo, as the main character. Some might find these huge creatures intimidating but they are actually fascinating animals.

With a shaggy dense coat, this animal is well insulated from the hot desert days and the bitterly cold nights. As well as this, they make fierce mothers, protecting their young for as much as 18 months, until they’re ready to go out into the world on their own. This slot game takes that fierceness and pairs it with a Wild West background to create an aesthetically pleasing game that works perfectly for Android.

Stardew Valley

This game has got a huge following already, but just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last six years, we’re going to review Stardew Valley anyway. This game is perfect for those who are into the Cottagecore aesthetic, those who have been dreaming of escaping the rat race and living off the land, or those who just really love cute, pixelated animals. You begin the game by creating your own avatar and choosing an adorable pet with which to share your new home.

Once you’re settled in at the farm, you’ll need to grow some crops, catch some fish, collect some berries, or complete any of the other tasks to make some money. With all of your cash, you’ll be able to create the homestead of your dreams, as well as give gifts to the villagers that you want to impress and make friends with. It’s a super wholesome game that only downfall is how many of your free hours it’ll eat up.

Cut The Rope

We love puzzle games and Cut The Rope is one of the cutest out there. This game is a bit of a puzzle, asking you to help an adorable selection of characters navigate their way through various environments. You’ll encounter colourful jungles, chaotic cities, dense flowery undergrowth, and more, all on the quest to find one thing, candy.

Some of the missions are genuine head-scratchers and some will require you to have super fast reflexes, it’s not a sit back and relaxes kind of game, which is one of the things that helps it to stand out from other releases in the cute category. If you end up loving it then you’ll be pleased to hear you can carry on the fun in Cut The Rope 2, as it’s already been released.

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