How to download Instagram video on iPhone – 2 simplest methods

Nowadays, Instagram is the most popular and most active platform where people post photos of videos in real-time. Importantly, you can find current news and current events on Instagram faster than you can find them in a search engine. Therefore, you may want to collect visual content in order to use it on other sites or to simply keep it on your device. 

Instagram videos download on IOS is possible via special assistants, so-called online downloaders. 

And if you need to download IG content on iPhone it’s actually impossible to do it in the Instagram iOS app. The fact is that the app does not provide a content download function. You can save your own Stories and view the archive, but you will not be able to download visuals that other users post. Below in this article, I will tell you about two types of content saving that you may find useful. The first method uncovers how to save a visual from your account, and the second method reveals in detail how you can save clips and photos published by others. It can be Stories, feed videos and images, Reels, IGTV, and Live sessions. 

How to download Instagram video from your account

In case you recorded a video using the built-in camera in the Instagram application, you can easily save it to the gallery of your device. To do this, you need to record a video and and and click on the down arrow icon. You can also download a video that has already been uploaded in Stories. For this, open the Stories you need and click on the same icon. A video with the applied effects or masks will be saved in the device’s memory.

If it seems to you that saving clips to an iPhone from another public profile is impossible, then this is not so. Read about the effective method in the next paragraph. 

How to download Instagram videos from others

The best part is that this whole huge content library which contains billions of videos is available for download. You can use videos from any public profile to repost on your account  (indicating the source is necessary though) or to share on some other social media.

For effective, fast, and safe downloads, use special web services that work with only one link. You won’t need to download any application, register, or pay a service fee. Basically, these sites are free since their aim is to drive traffic to the main paid tools. If you need to save content in bulk, most likely this feature will be paid, while one or two videos can be saved free of charge.

The operation of such services is elementary. You need to open the Instagram application on the iPhone and copy the link to a specific post or the link to the user profile from which you want to download content. Next, you will need to put this link in one of the services for example Inflact, Bigbangram, Toolzu, Snapinsta, etc. 

As long as the service will find the desired content via the link, there will be a download option. After that, only one click will be needed before the file in its original size will be saved into the gallery of your phone. 

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