Dream11 Refer Code – Dream11 Loot Trick: Play Cricket and earn Money : Dream11 Is a Fantasy Cricket Website where you can earn Real Cash in Bank Account. From Dream11 Refer and Earn Offer you will get Rs 100 per refer which can be used to make team in Dream11. So use below Dream11 Trick  and share your Dream11 refer code to Earn Money. Its Easy To Make Real Money  By Showing Knowledge In Cricket.

Steps to Earn Unlimited Money Using Dream11 Hack App Download. Firstly, you should have a verified Dream11 account. Now go to your profile section and click on ‘Refer and Earn’ or ‘Invite Friends’. You will get your referral code which you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Dream11 Refer Code – SAJJA259RS

In Dream11 Fantasy Cricket, you have to Participate in Live matches by joining the Leagues. You get Virtual Cash on Signup which you can utilize to participate in Leagues and if you win, you get real cash in your bank account.

Dream 11 has introduced new refer and earn program wherein you can refer friends using dream11 refer code and earn unlimited cash to play and join leagues. You get Rs 100 Per refer and New friends get Rs 100 as Signup bonus.

Dream11 Loot Trick Details

Cricket is one of the most popular game in india and other countries and if you have android  here is the list of Top 10 Best Cricket Games For Cricket Lovers in Android. But if you want to earn money online just playing cricket game then dream11 is best choice for you. you can easily earn money daily.

Steps For Registration in Dream11 Loot Trick:-

1) First of all visit Dream11 site click here

2) Install App and click on Register,  Enter your Name, Email & Password and at the bottom, you will find an option saying Invited by a friend? So just click on it and it will ask you to enter the Invite Code.

3) Enter Dream11 Refer Code SAJJA259RS to get Rs 100

4) Now verify your Mobile Number and Email Id and must use Dream11 Refer code to get Rs 100 as sign up bonus for using Dream11 Refer code.

5) Now Create A Team Of 11 Play In Which 1 wk/3-4 Batsman/3-4 – Bowler/2-all rounded.

6) Select your Fantasy Team of 11 players (including a Captain and V-Captain) within the virtual budget of 100 Cr from all the players in the particular match.

  • You Will Get 2x Point For Captain /1.5x For Vice Captain
  • Now join free League.
  • Now Click On Verify Account And Upload Pan Card And Bank Account Detail (Important)
  • Within 3 Days You You Acc Will Get Verified And You Will Get 250rs As Sign Up Bonus which You Can Use To Play League And Win Cash
  • Ps – If Have Any Doubt You Can Check – Here

7. The more your friends play in cash leagues, the more cash bonus you earn (max. upto Rs.100 per friend). E.g. If your friend joins a cash league with Rs.20, a cash bonus of Rs.20 will be added to your Dream11 account once the winner declaration for that match is completed

8. Remember – both you & your friend MUST download the app, verify your email id & mobile number to earn Rs.100 cash bonus!

Refer And Earn in Dream11 Loot Trick:-

  • Use Your Dream11 Refer code and Refer And Earn 100rs Per Refer When You Friends Account Get Verified.!!
  • You will Get 100 Which Is Cash Bonus when your friend uses your dream11 refer code. Which You Can’t Withdrawal
  • You Can Only Play League And Convert It Into Real Cash By Winning League

Proof Of Dream11 Loot Trick Payment :-

Bank Account Statement Proof Added

Note: Minimum Amount Of Withdrawal Is 200rs And You Will Get In Bank Within 1-3 Days  

Note: Residents of the states of Assam and Odisha, and where otherwise prohibited by law are not eligible to enter Dream11’s pay-to-play league

Frequently Asked Questions  about dream11 Loot–

What type of Leagues can I participate in Dream11 Loot Trick

We’re spreading the field wide on Dream11.com where you can join a host of Leagues like 2 members, 3 members, 5 members and 10 members Leagues (depending on the number of competitors in a league) as well as Special & Grand Leagues. You can join paid Leagues to win Cash and / or the free-to-play Skill Leagues to hone your Fantasy Cricket skills till you are confident with your selection skills to enter the Paid Leagues to win Cash.

How do I score points in Dream11 Loot ?

You will score points depending on how the cricketers in your Dream11.com Team perform in the live match(es). So make sure you pick a winning combination to help you win cash. Please check our ‘Points System’ in the ‘How to Play’ section to understand the details

What are Paid & Skill Leagues in dream11 Loot ?

Paid Leagues are where users participate by paying an entry fee and compete against each other to win Cash! The prize money will be awarded to the user who has the highest Fantasy Cricket Points in the League..

In a Skill League, users compete against each other for pride. Unlike the paid Leagues, there will be no entry fee for this League. This League will help you boost your Fantasy Cricket Skills. Once you are confident with your selection skills, you can enter the paid Leagues and win Cash

How is the prize money distributed in case of multiple winners?

The prize money that each winner will receive is explained in detail on clicking the ‘Multiple Winners’ (M) link for that League. Please note that taxes will be deducted as applicable on winnings above Rs.10,000 as per government regulations.

How do you decide the winner of a league in Dream11 Loot?

The Fantasy Cricket Team which gets the highest points at the end of the round will be announced as the winner of that league.

How will I be informed if I win a Cash prize in Dream11 Loot?

Ranking and points will be updated and displayed during and at the end of every match. If you win any Paid League, the Cash will be credited automatically into your Dream11.com account.

How do I check my Dream11.com account balance?

The balance in your Dream11.com account will be displayed on the top of your screen at all times. You can also click on the wallet symbol on top of the page for a break-up of your account balance and your most recent transactions on Dream11.com.

How do I withdraw money from my Dream11.com account balance?

You can withdraw money only from the Winnings Account in your Dream11.com account balance once your account is verified. This verification is a one-time process which never needs to be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your account. Once your Dream11.com account is verified, you can withdraw the desired amount (min. of Rs.200 and max. of Rs.2,00,000 at a time) and it will be deposited into your bank account within 5 working days.

For full FAQs, visit hereGot any doubts ? Leave a comment and we will help you asap or you can directly contact Dream11 team at helpdesk@dream11.com

So use Dream11 Refer code and Play Cricket online using Dream11 Tricks to Earn Free Money. Don’t Forget to share your Dream11 Refer code with your friends to earn more.


    • i already said that you cannot redeem sign up bonus , you have to play and win to get real cash,, kal se ipl hai,, start kro khelna

      • Dude it’s not about real cash or redeeming cash he’s talking about.. RS 250 is for sign up bonus ryt.. That we didn’t receive in order play.. Not for withdrawing.. We know that we have to win leagues to receive withdrawing amount..

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  1. bro…m 200 rupees jeet gya hu..but mera bank account verify nhi hua h….maine meri bank paasbook ki copy upload ki thi verification k liye…kitne din me verify hoga mera bank account..please reply

  2. Whwr is your refferal link
    when i click on Dream 11 link
    it opens for creating team (not for creating account)

    • yes.. first you have to create team and then sign up.. just create ur team by selecting 11 players,, you see sign up option after that

  3. Thanks admin for this awesome and usefull article. I tested it and I found it’s really working for me. I want more articles related to this to improve my skills. Really it’s a awesome blog i found on google ever.

    Best Regards.

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    • no video.. it is simple ..just click on the link.. create your team , sign up using ur details and verify ur details.. after that join leagues to earn money

  5. Bhai mene 300 rs withdraw kiye ..I’d me she to balence cat gya PR abhi account me nhi pahucha …email I’d PR ek msg aaya h ….account statement ka …an kya kru bhai

    • select the match u want to play, then create a team by choosing best players and at last u have to join leagues, u you won that leagu then u will be paid

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