Play IPL Fantasy League and get Free Prizes Like Cricket Bat signed by IPL 2019 winners + Autographed Jersey

Play IPL Fantasy League : IPL 2017 is starting Today and you are supporting your team. What if you can make your own Team and also get Prizes Like Cricket Bat signed by IPL 2017 winners + Autographed Jersey, Amazing!!! Just Play IPL Fantasy League and enjoy IPL more than Even. You can join Dream11 to earn money by playing Cricket.

You will only be able to enter one team for each account. However there is no limit to the number of different accounts you can create, entering a team through each of them.

How to Play IPL Fantasy League

  1. Visit here for Offer Page

  2. Click on Register or Directly Sign up using Facebook

  3. Now Just Select your Favourite Team and Also Name your Team.

  4. Now Make your Team and Join Leagues to win.

  5. Users may draft virtual squads composed of 11 players from the pool of real-world players made available for selection by the BCCI on this Web Portal and the format of the Game and such virtual squad shall be attached to their user account.

6. Squad Balance – each virtual squad, at any given time, must be composed of:

Fantasy Championship Details

  1. The Fantasy Championship Game format runs for the duration of the IPL, with points attributed to each player drafted in the virtual squad on the basis of their performance in each match of the IPL (each match being considered a round).

  2. For participation in the Fantasy Championship Game format, each user account shall be permitted to draft one squad alone.

  3. However, it is clarified that there is no restriction on the number of user accounts that a single user may create on the Web Portal for participation in the Fantasy Championship Game format.

  4. At the end of all of the matches of the IPL, the winner will be determined on the basis of the accumulated points of each participating virtual squad, with the winning virtual squad being the virtual squad that accumulates the most number of points relative to the other participating users’ virtual squads.

  5.  In case of a tie, the winning user shall be declared by comparison of the cumulative points earned by all the Power Player(s) in each of the tied squads as designated in relation to each match of the IPL, with the squad having the highest Power Player points total being declared the winner.

  6. In the unlikely event of a tie in the Power Player points in the above scenario, the winning virtual squad will be the squad with the most creative virtual squad name, as adjudged by the BCCI.

Prizes in IPL Fantasy League

  • Overall Winner – Cricket Bat signed by IPL 2017 winners + Autographed Jersey- IPL 2017 winners
  • Top 10 – Autographed Jersey of IPL 2017 winners

  • Chairperson of the Top League – Cricket bat signed by players of IPL 2017 winners
  • Top 10 Members of the Top League – Autographed Jersey of their Favourite Team
  • Toppers of the Fan leagues – Toss Coin + Cricket Bat + Autographed Jersey

  • Winner of the day gets Autographed Jersey

How do I join a League?

If you wish to join an existing league, you’ll just need the Private League code from the chairman who created the league. Choose ‘Join League’ from the ‘My Leagues’ section of the menu and add Private League code to join.

How do I create my own league?

1. The person setting up the User Moderated League will be the Chairman of that league. As Chairman, you must first register your own team and then:

2. Click on ‘Create League’ from the Leagues tab and choose ‘Create League’.

3. Choose a name, motto and emblem for your League and choose Save League.

4. A password will be generated for you to share with your friends and colleagues and invite them to join your league

So join now and start to Play IPL Fantasy League. Here are rules and Point system to Play IPL Fantasy League.

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