paid to search – Sites That Pay You to Search the Web :Have you ever thought you will get paid to search online from below Paid to Search Sites. Yes it is Possible to Earn Money Online using these paid to Search Sites. If you do your research, you will find there are many ways to earn money on the internet.

Some are easy, while others can be a little tricky. Just when you think that you have figured out the best way to earn money, it can change in the blink of an eye. Get paid to search sounds interesting and almost unreal, but it’s real and there are search engines that pay you for searching the web.

Unfortunately, Google isn’t one of them. You can’t get paid to search Google although google have many features like i’m curious and many more Google Search Tricks you need to Try. Every site we covered here is absolutely free to sign up for, although not everyone will qualify all the time.

All you have to do is register with these sites and search the web as you would normally. Although, each site has its own rules and regulations, they all do reward you with cash and prizes for searching with them.

Best Sites for paid to search online

Most of us spend plenty of time on the computer: reading, checking social media and playing games. Since you’re already online, you might as well get paid to surf the web, right?

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money while you’re at home on the computer, consider these options for getting paid to surf the web. You can get paid for playing games, reading emails, taking surveys, watching TV, completing paid and free offers and the easiest and most exciting of them all is searching the web using the site’s search bar.

List of best Paid to Search Sites

All you have to do is register with these sites and search the web as you would normally. Although, each site has its own rules and regulations, they all do reward you with cash and prizes for searching with them. – Paid to Search Sites

SB is an online portal that lets you earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks,” which can be redeemed for cash (PayPal) and exclusive merchandise by doing a variety of things, one of which is searching.

You search and win cash. Each search performed gives you a chance to win $1-$5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. There are also some other ways to earn money like getting paid for shopping through their network. With SB you can also get paid to complete offers.

9Grabpoints – Enter Refer code 2ITATF during sign up

Grabpoints is a lot like SwagBucks, it even sounds like it! Not only you can earn money for searching, you can also earn money by watching videos, shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and more.

Minimum requirement for cashing out is only 5000 points which is equivalent to $5. Given that you earn upto 1000 points just for signing up, it won’t take you that long to get your first payment.

8Microsoft Rewards Paid to Search Sites

Microsoft users can register their account to earn points for surfing the web simply by signing in. Users can also earn points for buying Windows and Microsoft products and using their preferred search engine, Bing. Microsoft rewards points can be redeemed for gift cards for movies, apps, games and retail stores.

Depending on your level of use, you can earn points for completing 10-50 searches per day. Earn 5,000 points and you can redeem them for a gift card worth about $5. So, while you won’t earn a huge income off Microsoft Rewards, you certainly earn a little money for something you’d probably be doing anyway.

7Nielson Digital Voice Paid to Search Sites

Nielson has been performing market research to analyze the preferences of television viewers for years. Nowadays, with Nielson Digital Voice, you can share your opinions by downloading an app to your phone. Watching videos, playing games, and posting on social media is counted as demographic research, so you can earn points for nearly everything you do online.

The points are then redeemed for sweepstakes entries into $10,000 monthly giveaways, plus several chances to win $1,000 every month. You can also be invited to take other surveys for chances to win even more sweepstakes entries and extra prizes.

6Qmee – Paid to Search Sites

Qmee runs in conjunction with search engines like Google or Bing. When you search for sites, Qmee shows relevant results in a sidebar on your screen. If you click on those results, you can earn points to be traded in for cash or gift cards. You can receive additional points for more engagement with brands and you can also receive money saving offers. You can take surveys and earn rewards for each survey you complete. Payouts are available through PayPal or you can exchange points for gift cards (and there’s no minimum point requirement).

5  Enter Refer code XV9ZS6 during sign up

Irazoo is a really cool get paid to search site with a few interesting features. Each search you perform gives you a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate instantly! Plus, you can earn 4 points by voting for or against every website you search for, leave a comment for that site and you will earn 4 more points.

Every time you refer a new member, you will earn 50 points. Your referral will also earn 50 points just for joining. The cool thing is that if that person or friend who you refer to the iRazoo, wins a Gift Certificate, you will win that same Gift Certificate as well!

The points earned then can be exchanged for real money like paypal cash and prizes, such as Mp3 players, Cameras, Memory sticks & Video Game systems

4User Testing – Paid to Search Sites

User Testing is another online survey site that rewards its members for giving their opinions on marketing tactics and products. Worldwide, more than 34,000 customers and companies rely on UserTesting to figure out marketing techniques and strategies and to gain insight into the minds of their users.

Signing up is free and easy. Just for visiting a website or testing a new app, you can get paid $10. Of course, participating in multiple campaigns can help you earn more and more cash over time. And each time, you’re paid $10 for about 20 minutes of work or less. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

3SmartPanel – Paid to Search Apps

Earning nominal amounts of cash is easy with Smart Panel. Once you complete a three-minute questionnaire to see if you qualify, you can get paid for everything from living and breathing to using your phone or computer like you always have.

For starters, you’ll get $5 just for meeting their qualifications. After that, you’ll get another $5 per month just for keeping the app installed. Beyond those initial payments, you’ll earn small amounts of cash just for using your phone or computer as you always have – and letting Smart Panel analyze your search results. According to Smart Panel, you can earn up to $110 in 12 months and up to $230 in 24 months – for doing almost nothing.

2MobileXpression – Paid to Search App

While mobileXpression doesn’t dole out a set rate of cash, installing the app and answering an array of questions does put you in the running for all kinds of rewards and free merchandise. Once you install the app on one of your devices and keep it installed, you can earn everything from Amazon gift cards to electronics like iPads or flat-screen televisions, just for searching the web as you normally would.

The requirements are simple: First, you need a device that’s compliant with their software, and second, you must sign up and meet the program’s qualifications. After that, the software works independently on your device, analyzing and researching your usage with no extra effort on your part.

110.Google Screenwise Panel – Paid to Search App

All you have to do is join the new Google Screenwise Media Panel, and install the free Screenwise Panel app on your smartphone. When you access the internet from your phone, Google will learn about the sites you visit, the apps you use, and some basic information about how you use them. You don’t need to do anything other than keep the app on your phone and collect your rewards. It’s that simple

So these are some best Paid to Search Sites. Just register in these sites and search as usual as you do in google and earn money online. if you have any doubt then comment below and we will try to resolve your query.

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