How To Earn Money On Twitch – CSGO Tips

Is it possible to make money while playing games? Most people don’t even know they can make a good amount doing nothing, just playing their favorite games. But yes, it is possible on a platform like Twitch!

Before getting a start, keep in mind nothing can be achieved instantly. The gamers have to be passionate enough to put their best and use the right strategy to gain a reward. Here are some top tips to become a successful money-maker on Twitch while playing CSGO.

1. Gain Followers & Subscription 

The initial step is to sign up on Twitch by filling the form on the official website. The next target should be to get a considerable number of followers and then subscribers. That is one of the means to generate money on Twitch.

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The gamers can broadcast their game shots or join video streams of other gamers and comment over there. In this way, they can gain extra followers and, in turn, more subscribers. Thus, opening the pathways for successful video streaming on Twitch.

2. Twitch Betting 

Twitch betting is another famous way gamers are using these days. It is a fantastic option for a game like Counterstrike: Global Offensive to earn a considerable amount through betting. It can also help them win exciting prizes up to one million dollars by joining specific tournaments. 

Betting is now made legal, which makes several gamers attracted to online gambling and betting sites. There are many csgo betting sites on Insider Games that gamers can choose according to their preferences. These sites not only provide them with the best possible gaming experience. But they can improve their gaming skills and earn from bets as well.

3. Adding Amazon Affiliate Links

After attaining at least fifty followers on the Twitch account, gamers can apply for an affiliate program that has the following conditions:

  • Increase the followers count, but a minimum of 50 is a must.
  • Stream for at least seven days in the last month.
  • Stream for a minimum of about eight hours in the previous month.
  • At a minimum, three viewers on each stream.

They can also earn cash by advertising Amazon products on their twitch channel. As Twitch belongs to Amazon, adding affiliate links and making people buy from it will make a considerable amount. They can provide affiliate links to the latest and expensive gaming equipment or what tools they are using themselves. 

4. In-Game Sales 

A gamer can stream a game on Twitch that offers people to buy something over there. In this case, they will see a ‘Buy Now’ option available below the video window. If any viewers purchase from their link or channel, they will get a commission of at least 5% from that purchase. 

5. Sponsoring

A twitch streamer can earn money easily through sponsorships. For this, they first have to get maximum subscribers and followers on their account. Depending on the size of audiences, different companies hire twitch streamers to publicize their products. 

People can browse the right sponsorship on their own. But those who have attained a particular reach on their twitch account, many big companies will hire them independently. Sponsoring can help them make a sound monthly revenue depending upon the company they are promoting.


Making money on Twitch through games like CSGO is not as complicated as it seems. There are many new and old ways a twitch streamer can use depending on their intention. Keeping a goal and building the twitch community will likely make money for fun or make a living. It all depends on the gamers themselves!

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