iPods: Why Should You Get One?

Portable music players

Apple’s iPod Touch is a cheap, minimalist, touchscreen gadget you can use to listen to music, face-time with friends or family, stream or watch videos, and more. This latest gadget may not be able to do fancy things such as using your face to unlock itself or take DSLR quality photos, but it can still do plenty of cool things that can make it worth your money.

Here are a few reasons why you can buy an iPod:

You Can Try Augmented Reality

With the latest processor, the iPod supports augmented reality or AR, which previous generations did not. This allows several applications and games to place digital objects in your real-world setting. Even though you don’t really need a device to use this feature, it can be useful for several practical purposes such as virtual shopping and games. It is incredibly fun to use, especially if you or your kids love to play games. Since the new processor chip is incredibly fast, the iPod touch is definitely something enjoyable.

You Can Enjoy Facetime in Groups

The iPod touch may not connect to a cell signal, but it can connect to your Wi-Fi. This can help you communicate with your friends and family via FaceTime and iMessage on other Apple devices such as iMacs. If you have other people who have Apple devices, such as iPads, iPhones, and iPods, they will be able to FaceTime with you and enjoy group FaceTime calls as well.

You Want to Use Headphones Instead of Airpods

Everyone knows how Apple removed the jack from its iPhones back in 2016. This means that you do not have a port to connect your headphones or earphones. However, the latest version of the iPod Touch retains the headphone jack, which means you can connect them to your favourite pair just like everyone used to a few years back. Even though air pods are fun to use and eliminate the need for a tangling wire, some people enjoy how headphones feel.

Biometric Security Doesn’t Rock Your Boat

One of the leading features of Apple’s iPhones is face ID and fingerprint sensors. Even though both of these methods are a great way of unlocking your phone, it is something that most people can live without. The latest iPod Touch does not have either of these features, meaning the only way to lock or unlock it is through a passcode. Hence, if you are looking for or device that does not have such features or you don’t need to add the extra price weight, then an iPod Touch is a great way to go.

iPods Are Great Gadgets for Your Kids

If you don’t want to give your kids a smartphone just yet, you can always buy them an iPod touch. It is safer because it doesn’t connect to cell service, and they could simply use it for songs, games, or any other entertainment applications. You can even let your children use the device without a data connection where they can only access pre-downloaded content. It is a cheaper option compared to the iPads and iPhones but gives you most of the entertainment options that a kid needs.

The Bottom Line

To put it simply, an iPod Touch is like an iPhone with cell service or Touch ID. If you want an extra device around the house that your kids can use to play games or a dedicated music player for your living room, then an iPod is definitely a great buy! With lots of storage options and vibrant colours, it is sure to be a favourite for almost anyone.

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