How to Find Hidden Password from the Password Field.(Know Anyone’s Saved Password of Facebook and Gmail)

How to Find Hidden Password

This trick works only for the saved passwords. So if you want to use it to steal somebody’s password (which I don’t advise at all), you should have “remember password” checked in advance while entering login details. Otherwise the password won’t be auto-filled by browser when you want to know it.

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As it is quite time consuming, I will include screenshots from Google Chrome only. In all other browsers, it is almost the same except step number 3. This trick is applicable in all websites although I have shown here the Gmail page only.

Step 1.
Go to the login page

Step 2.
Enter username so that password will be auto-filled

Step 3.
Press ‘ctrl+shift+i’ if you are using chrome or ‘Q’ if you are using Firefox or ‘F12’ if you are using IE & you will see a bar at bottom of your screen showing the HTML code behind your page.

Step 4.
Select password field to see its source code in the source code field shown in the bottom of browser

Step 5.
Change type=”password” to type=”text” & done. You can now see the password as a text.

As I am a search engine optimizer, I have to enter many usernames and complex passwords throughout the day. Although I remember usernames efficiently, passwords are too intricate to remember.

Usually I have to open an excel sheet full of usernames and passwords for that but being a little lazy one, I prefer the shortcuts often. This one I learned a few months back. And I use it whenever I need to read the password behind asterisks to copy it & paste somewhere else. The logic is very simple.

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