14 Incredible Real Headlines That Could Happen Only In India

In the business of newspaper, magazines, television, or any news website, headline is the first impression. It plays a vital role as it helps the readers decide to skip the story or click it and read it. A good headline always catches the attention of the readers and also changes the way we think.

With that said, here are a few real headlines from 2015 that sound so bizzare and unreal that they almost look to have come out straight from FakingNews or The Onion.

1. This story about a cable operator who embarrassed hundreds of passengers at a bus stand.


2. This story about a showroom staffer who screwed up his one job due to his stupidity.


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3. “An animal is an animal and no FIR can be registered against it.”


4. This BREAKING NEWS about Indrani eating sandwitch.


5. And this one about Facebook ke PAPA visiting Delhi.


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6. In 2015, ‘cow’and ‘urine’ were some of the most talked-about topics. Like this.



7. Or this…



8.  And the lady passenger was accommodated on a later flight after she changed it into trousers. WTF Indigo!?



9. This one when Air India had to maintain weight requirements for safety and reduced fuel costs.


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10. 2015 was indeed a very unfortunate year for the Gandhi family.



11. This national news about Tusshar Kapoor making his Instagram debut. RIP journalism.



12. And this one when a stupid Salman’s fan killed himself for not getting a movie ticket.


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13. This story about a customer who gets his ass kicked by a shopkeeper for asking chutney for momos.



14. And this could be the best headline of the year.



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