How to Find Someone’s Address by Name 2021

If you know someone’s name and want to find their address, you can do it using online tools. The advancing technology has made it much easier to find someone’s public information with just a single click.

Although there are search engines like Google offering some advanced searches, finding the public information requires a different approach.

In this article, we will cover an interesting way to access someone’s public information easily. Before you start worrying about the complicated process, let us clarify that the process includes a single step and you won’t need to do anything other than provide some inputs.

Before we move ahead, let us tell you about the new search engine technology that offers these services.

What is a People Search?

A People Search is one of the most effective methods to find the information of a person. The technology uses the full name to find public details from credible sources. Usually, a people search tool works like other search engines and compares the information to offer reliable results.

However, the main difference is how different search engines provide the information. For example, Google shows you different results based on your query. On the other hand, People Search tools generate a report for you, eliminating the need to perform research on your own. 

Thus, a people search tool is always the first choice when it comes to finding some details online.

The good thing is you can find dozens of useful people search platforms online. Some of them are paid while you can use free tools as well. 

Here is our recommended free solution to finding someone’s address by name.


SearchPeopleFree is a one-stop solution to find any type of public information. The platform is designed to suit the requirements of all the experts and beginners. Thus, no matter if you have any experience or not, you can find the information on this platform easily.

It offers people search, phone lookup, address lookup, ad background check services online. The most convincing thing about the platform is that you do not need to worry about privacy while using it. It is because the platform works without any registration process, offering instant access to all the features and services.

If you want to find someone’s address, using the people search tool on this website is your best option. However, if you are confused, we recommend checking out the website to learn more about it. Or you can refer to the guide that we will share in this article to find the exact steps.

Using People Search to Find Someone’s Address

This guide covers how you can find someone using nothing but their name.

Follow these steps to do it:

Step1- Access SearchPeopleFree Website

The first step is easy as you just need to visit the website offering these services. You can visit it directly by clicking on the link we mentioned above. Another way is to search it on any web browser and visit it from the search results. Either way, you will reach SearchPeopleFree’s website on your web browser.

Step2- Use People Search Tool

The homepage will offer four different tools to help you track any public information you want. However, you just need to select People Search to start searching for the information. It is important to know that you can simply click on the required tool to switch between the options.

Thus, make sure you are using the people search tool.

Step3- Perform the Search

Here comes the main part where you will perform the search to find the details of that person. You need to enter the full name of the person in the search bar and hit the search button. The website will show a few profiles and you can choose the one using the attached photos.

Once you click on the profile, the tool will start generating the report for you. Thus, wait for a few minutes and do not hit the refresh button.

Step4- Check the Report

You are all set to find the address of the person. Open the report generated by the people search tool and refer to the address section. This section will share the current and the previous addresses of the person.

Also, you can find the office address in the same section. 

What is Included in People Search Report?

You will realize that there are many other things in that report. So let’s have a look at some of the most popular sections of a people search report:

  • Identity- The section helps you check the basic identity of the person. You can find the age, gender, full name, and the relationship status of the person.
  • Contact Details- You can find the contact details of a person in this section. It usually includes the phone number, alternate phone number, and email address.
  • Acquaintances- You can check the acquaintances of the person using this section. It will also share the list of relatives of that person. 
  • Criminal Records- This one is the most important part of the report. Here, you can check if there are any criminal records of that person. It includes crime, arrests records, court trials, sexual offend, traffic tickets, etc.
  • Employment History- In some cases, you can even find the employment history of a person to get an idea of where they have worked. 

We recommend visiting the website to check the complete list of information you can find with this search.

Final Words

There could be many reasons why you want to access someone’s address. However, the main part is to find the easiest way to get this information. Performing a people search lookup is the most effective method to do it.

The first reason to use people search is its advanced algorithm that offers all the information within a few minutes. Also, these platforms work without any registration, offering you complete privacy.

If we have a look at the alternative methods, we are left with an option to submit a request under the Freedom to Information Act. 

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