The Top Methods to Market Yourself on Instagram

Like other social media platforms, Instagram is widely used for business promotion. On Instagram, followers are essential to make your business account exist more and be known by many people.

Therefore, many accounts try various ways to increase Instagram followers.

Many users try to spend a large amount of money and download some questionable applications, but the followers given are apparently inactive. So, you need to know the many easier and safer ways to increase free Instagram followers that you can try.

The methods below do not require a high cost. What are these ways? Here’s the explanation.

The Top Methods to Market Yourself on Instagram

1. Provide Quality Content

Visual content should be your main focus. Even existing followers will look at this aspect.

So, you have to share an interesting, entertaining, and useful piece of content. Learn what’s relevant and irrelevant to the products and services you provide.

In addition, avoid also posting photos belonging to others without putting their credits. Of course, you need to remember this at all times to avoid getting copyright issues and permabanned from Instagram.

2. Fix Your Feeds

Besides creating unique content, try to adjust your feeds so they can look much better. Feeds are mandatory since it’s the first thing people would notice. Create something that looks neat and eye-catching. Therefore, you can gain the first 100 free Instagram followers. Try to use the same color palette, and make sure that each post is relevant to the other.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the additional element people always use in their posts. These hashtags are also used as a common SEO method that is still considered relevant and effective.

Remember that the maximum amount you can use is 30. If you feel confused about what hashtags to put, use some apps to find better references.

4. Find The Best Upload Time

Remember always to post your content during busy times. Doing so will make sure that your content will get quick attention.

You can experiment by posting several times and comparing the best time. Another way is to use the insights feature and identify followers on Instagram for business accounts. From here, you can see the average time followers play Instagram daily.

5. Leave Traces on Various Accounts

People will find you quickly if you can be everywhere. Therefore, try to actively give likes and comments on other people’s posts. So, aside from using the Instagram followers increase app, we recommend you at least do this first. With this method, your account will be seen more often, and people will be curious.

But of course, avoid spam; less relevant and visible comments are advertising, which will be annoying.

You can also collaborate with other platforms to increase your followers. Use other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube to promote your Instagram account. You can also provide promotions or discounts for users who follow your Instagram account.


Marketing on Instagram can be hard at times. But with the methods above, you could gain more traction and engagement and boost your presence on the platform. Good luck!

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