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Good Morning Images and Quotes to Wish Anyone

Wish you beloved by sending good morning quotes, messages, Morning sms in hindi, english through whatsapp, facebook, sms via and get huge collection of Morning wishes. Start your day with a good start? Check out these inspirational good morning quotes to get started with energy. Below are Good Morning Images and quotes.

Good Morning Quotes about Life

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  • Believe that you are beautiful and have what it takes to move mountains, and you’ll move mountains. Don’t allow yourself to be let down by what others say. Get up and do what you can do best.
  • The dreams you had last night can only come to reality if you get up and work at achieving them today. So don’t waste any more time, get out there and do your best.
  • Start today knowing that the desire for success is the first step to achieving greatness. If you have it, then get all out and take everything that this special day has made for you.
  • As I wish you a very good morning, I want you to know that mornings are there for us to start afresh and make people know that we can still become successful at what we failed at yesterday. So don’t stop pushing till you get what you want.
  • Don’t be sad express your feeling using these Heart Broken Sad Status A very Happy good morning.

Normal Good Morning Quotes and Good Morning Images 

Each and every one of us will face death, so don’t waste your life and be thankful for another opportunity and another chance to live.” Morning Everyday may not be good, BUT There is SOMETHING GOOD in Every day. Good Morning” You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.”” Good Morning”

  • “Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning
  • When you start each day with a grateful heart…
  • If you are thankful and grateful every morning as you woke up, happiness would come out within you.
  • Most of the time, we look for our happiness in other people, however, sometimes we need to find the happiness within ourselves.
  • Light Tomorrow With Today’ Morning Quote 8X10″ Canvas Wall Art.
  • Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.
  • “Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most”
  • Be pleasant until ten o’clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself
  • When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love
  • Every morning, I wake up saying, I’m still alive, a miracle. And so I keep on pushing

Energetic Good Morning Quotes

You cry and you scream and you stomp your feet and you shout. You say, ‘You know what? I’m giving up, I don’t care.’ And then you go to bed and you wake up and it’s a brand new day, and you pick yourself back up again.

  • Be willing to be a beginner every single morning
  • Think Happy and Positive. Have a beautiful day.
  • A new day also means a new beginning. Forget about the past and have a fresh start.
  • Dreaming big is great but sleeping big is not. So, good morning and wake up!
  • Every morning is special and you will not get them again. Good morning my dear friend!
  • You are the first thing to enter my mind in the morning and the last thing to leave my heart at night. Good Morning, Have A Good Day!”

Have a Good Day Morning Quotes

Here is a collection of hope you have a good day quotes to help her feel energized, motivated, loved and important in the morning. We hope these help you find the right way to say “good morning have a nice day!” to your love.

  • You are my wildest, sweetest and happiest dream come true. Have a good day sweetheart.
  • Thanks for being my girl. Have a great day my love.
  • My dreams were amazing because you were in them. I hope your day is as amazing as you.
  • Hugs and kisses on your way to wish you a great and happy day. Have a good day sexy!
  • Love. That is what I feel whenever I think about you. I hope your day goes flawlessly!
  • You are the only thing that keeps me going every single day. I hope yours is a good one too.


Who does not like to have a good joke in morning and start the day on a light mood. If you want to help your friends have a great day then send them some funny morning quotes.

  • A person falls asleep the fastest when he turns off the alarm clock.”
  • Luckily, today has been cancelled. Go back to bed
  • “There are 2 kinds of people in this world: 1) morning people 2) people who want to shoot morning people”
  • The one, who snores, is the first one to fall asleep.” Morning Quotes
  • “Some mornings I just feel like breaking the damn alarm but then one thing always stops me. I paid hundreds of dollars to buy my phone.”
  • “I always say ‘MORNING’ instead of ‘GOOD MORNING’ if it were a good morning, I would still be asleep in bed instead of talking to people
  • “I think I’m allergic to morning
  • Morning paradox – it takes forever to fall asleep and only a second to fall asleep in the morning.”

Good Morning Quotes for Fun

  • Morning comes whether you set the alarm or not.
  • Every morning is a battle between the superego and the id, and I am a mere foot soldier with mud and a snooze button on her shield.
  • Everyone wants me to be a morning person. I could be one, only if morning began after noon
  • Keep the dream alive: Hit the snooze button.
  • Every single day I wake up and make up my mind that I am going to work really hard. Then my mind laughs at me and says “Good joke”. Then we laugh for some more time and I go back to bed.


What girl doesn’t secretly dream of getting a sweet message from her boyfriend while still lying in her comfortable and warm bed? In fact, it seems almost impossible to find a girl that doesn’t enjoy her boyfriend texting something along the lines of “good morning my love.”

You can use these I Love you memes and I Love you gifs to express your feeling towards you lovers, use these Good Night quotes to wish them and cute quotes are always there from us to greet them.

  • I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.
  • I realized I was thinking of you, and I began to wonder how long you’d been on my mind. Then it occurred to me: Since I met you, you’ve never left
  • Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for. Good morning, my sweetheart
  • Morning without you is a dwindled dawn.
  • Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive
  • The sun just touched the morning;
    The morning, happy thing,
    Supposed that he had come to dwell,
    And life would be all spring

Romantic Good Morning Quotes for Girls

Have you ever seen the dawn? Not a dawn groggy with lack of sleep or hectic with mindless obligations and you about to rush off on an early adventure or business, but full of deep silence and absolute clarity of perception? A dawning which you truly observe, degree by degree. It is the most amazing moment of birth. And more than anything it can spur you to action. Have a burning day

  • The next morning dawned bright and sweet, like ribbon candy.
  • When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible
  • You are the reason I can be happy even when I am sad and smile even when I cry.
  • You are the pulse that throbs in my veins, you are the antidote that frees me of all pains. You are the rhythm of my heartbeat, without you my life would be incomplete.
  • There is only one remedy to cold shivery mornings – warm cuddly hugs with you.
  • The beautiful morning DEW and the lovely morning HUE are symbolic of my love for YOU.
  • I don’t care whether the sun rises or not, my morning starts only after I say that I love you a lot.
  • If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus a day so I never have to live without you.”
  • I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am with you.”
  • Come live with me, and be my love, and we will some new pleasures prove, of golden sands, and crystal brooks, with silken lines and silver hooks.”
  • If I knew I would be so happy one day, I would have searched for you harder and found you before so that I could spend more time with you.”
  • I don’t know if I ever told you this before, but you’re the only one I’ve ever waited for this long.”
  • I am entirely yours that if I might have all the world given me, I could not be happy but in your love.

One Liner Good Morning Quotes for Girls

  • I hope your morning is as bright and gorgeous as your smile.
  • You are the reason I wake up each day with a smile on my face.
  • Waking up next to you is the perfect way to start my day.
  • Good morning to the woman who makes me a happy man.
  • I would give everything to kiss you right now.
  • Good morning my angel. Hope your day is as lovely as you are.
  • It’s time to rise my angel, my paradise.
  • Thank you for making every morning such a great one.
  • I hope your day is as beautiful as you.
  • Have an extraordinary day fit for a queen.


Sending “good morning” text messages to your boyfriend will make your man’s day so good because his day starts with a lovely greeting from you. Send these romantic messages to him to convey how much you love him and care for him. Make sure he has an amazing start of the day. Everyone loves to be remembered but even more importantly, everyone wants to be remembered by the one he loves.

Why not take advantage of that and put a smile on your boyfriend’s face? Make him smile! It is one of the most romantic things you can do………….

  • When I wake up in the morning, I am thinking of you. When I go to sleep at night, I am thinking of you. And all those hours in between, I think of us.
  • Everything I am is because of you. You are my strength, you are my inspiration. Seeing your face in the morning is what keeps me going.
  • When I wake up and see you lying next me, I can’t help but smile. It will be a good day simply because I started it with you.
  • I am grateful that I wake up next to you every morning and lay down next to you every night.
  • Getting up in the morning is exciting because you are a part of my life. You are the light of my life and the sun in my sky.
  • I dreamt about you last night and woke up with such a great feeling because I know that you are not just a dream but the reality of my life.
  • I long for the day when I can open my eyes each morning and immediately see you next to me. I will always be here for you.
  • When I begin my day, I wish to see your sunny face. I want to hear your sun-kissed voice and see you brush your silky hair. Good morning my love!
  • Every morning my love for you keeps growing. You are my dream come true. Good morning dear.

Good Morning Quotes For Boys

  • Hey handsome, good morning
  • Have a good morning. I love you.
  • The hottest person alive has awoken!
  • Even though it is raining, you make me see a sunny sky.
  • Just thinking about you brightens up my day.
  • I am counting down the seconds till I see you again today!
  • I am sending you this message not just to say good morning but also to put a big smile on your face.
  • This message is to let you know that I am thinking of you since the second I woke up.
  • You make my dreams and wishes come true, good morning!
  • You must have been a coffee bean in a previous life because you start my day up!
  • You turn my frown upside down. Even if I cry, you make me smile. Good morning.
  • My day starts and ends with you. Not the sun.
  • You are the sunshine that makes me smile.
  • I spent the entire night dreaming about you, and now I want to spend the entire day with you.
  • The sun and the misty dew remind me of your beautiful face.
  • . Even though it takes a heartbeat to think about you, the smile that follows lasts the entire day. Good morning!
  • I hate waking up because then I can’t dream of you.
  • As long as I have you in my arms, everything will be alright.
  • You are the only reason that I am happy. Have a good morning.
  • The only thing that matters is that we will always be together.


Good Morning Whatsapp Status and Wishes

Looking for Good Morning Whatsapp Status, messages for friends with beautiful picture? You can find your expression from our rich collection of inspirational good morning image sayings. Check from below Good Morning Whatsapp Status. Here’s Happy Dussehra whatsapp status

Good Morning Whatsapp Status for BF

  1. “It really doesn’t matter whether I drink coffee or tea. I’ll always feel the same as long as you’re thinking about me.”
  2. “The warmth of the sun’s rays reminds me that we were meant to be together. Each time I see the sun rise, I realize how lucky I am to get to spend another day with you.”
  3. “Before you open your eyes and have your first yawn; before you step outside to meet the dawn; before you sip your morning coffee, I hope that you close your eyes and think only of me.”
  4. “You know what I’m doing right now? Gazing outside the window at the morning sun while I sip on my morning coffee and think of you. This is the best part of the day. Good morning!” Here’s Happy New Year whatsapp status 2018
  5. “I could send you the most profound or beautiful love quote in the world, but it wouldn’t do our love any justice. It wasn’t chance that brought us together. It was destiny.”
  6. “The sunrise was beautiful, but it can’t compare to our love. The glow that you have brought into my life is more radiant and beautiful than a million sunrises.”
  7. “I just want to come over, hug you tight and kiss you good morning.”
  8. “My love, you are the sweetest of dreams come true.”
  9. “I love the sun, but sometimes it rises too soon. All I want is some more time to dream about you – the man who makes me weak in the knees. Xoxo”
  10. “Many girls dream of being with a guy as handsome and sweet as you. I dream about it too, but I’m the luckiest one of all. Why? Because I live out my dream every single day.”
  11. “The radiant colors of the morning sunrise aren’t nearly as dreamy as the kisses and hugs that you give me.”
  12. “Night has gone now and so has the moon. The sun shines against a sky so blue. Open your eyes, dear – there’s a new message just for you. Good morning!”
  13. “Just thinking of you brightens my morning.”
  14. “I don’t need coffee in the morning. All I need is your love to give me that extra boost I need to make it through the day.”
  15. “Did you feel extra warm this morning? That’s because I sent you hugs from my dreams. Good morning!”
  16. “On this beautiful morning, I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. You were my first thought the moment I opened my eyes. You are one amazing guy. I hope that your day is just as amazing.”
  17. “All of the stars in the galaxy could never outshine my love for you. A lifetime of sunrises could never compare to the light you bring into my life.”
  18. “I hope that all of your wishes come true today. Sending you positive vibes and a big hug to let you know how much I love you.”
  19. “Much of the joy in my morning is because of you. Much of the happiness in the moments of the day are because of you. My life wouldn’t be so great without you in it. I love you, my sweet.” Here’s Diwali Whatsapp Status Latest
  20. “Each morning provides you with endless opportunities to be glad, especially when your first thought of the day is me.”

Good Morning Whatsapp Status for GF

1. You are the reason I can be happy even when I am sad and smile even when I cry. Good morning.

2. The beautiful morning DEW and the lovely morning HUE are symbolic of my love for YOU. Good morning.

3. You are the pulse that throbs in my veins, you are the antidote that frees me of all pains. You are the rhythm of my heartbeat, without you my life would be incomplete. Good morning..

4. There is only one remedy to cold shivery mornings – warm cuddly hugs with you. Good morning.

5. I don’t care whether the sun rises or not, my morning starts only after I say that I love you a lot. Good morning.

6. Your warmth envelops me tight, your affection makes everything right. Your company puts me on cloud nine, your presence makes everything fine. Your eyes show me the way, your heart beat guides me night and day. Good morning.

7. Mornings are the loneliest part of the day because that is when I need you the most to give me warm hugs and cute cuddles. I miss you, good morning

8. Don’t be upset and caught up with things or people you cannot change. Instead, move on, let go and concentrate on what you can change. Things that enhance your life. You deserve to be happy.

9. I have learned that it is not what i have in my life but who I have in my life that counts. Good Morning and Have a good day. Here’s Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Chatting

10. DREAMING or DOING is a choice that will mean the difference between FAILURE or SUCCESS. Good morning.

11. May rays of the morning sun light the fire in you to achieve big things in life. Good morning.

Good Morning Whatsapp Status for Family

  1. Hello, good morning all, have a nice day.
  2. Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most. Good Morning
  3. Life is never about the people who act true to your face it is always about the people who remain true at your back.
  4. Opportunities will knock on your door every morning. But if you keep sleeping they will simply pass you by. Good morning.
  5. You are the first thing to enter my mind in the morning and the last thing to leave my heart at night. Good Morning.
  6. You worry about a trouble it becomes double but when you smile at it disappear like bubble so always smile at your problem keep smiling.
  7. Success comes to those who have the will power to win over their snooze buttons. Wishing you an awesome morning.
  8. May rays of the morning sun light the fire in you to achieve big things in life. Good morning.
  9. If you feel down, always remember that for as long as your heart is still beating, you still have a purpose in this life. Have a nice Day.
  10. Above the dark horizon soon new light rays will appear. They signify to all the world a fresh new day is here.
  11. Dreaming or Doing is a choice that will mean the difference between failure and success. Good morning.
  12. Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.
  13. There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock.
  14. A morning greeting doesn’t only mean good morning, it has a silent message saying I have remembered you when I wake up. Take care and have a great day.
  15. I wish that this morning helps you get one step closer to all the dreams that you have been dreaming last night. Good morning.
  16. Dreaming or doing is a choice that will mean the difference between failure and success. Good morning.
  17. Our eyes are placed in the front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back. Good Morning.
  18. Good morning my sweetheart.
  19. One of the best gifts you can give someone is thanking them for being part of your life. Good Morning. Here’s How To Hack Friends Whatsapp in your Mobile
  20. I went to sleep last night with a smile because I knew I’d be dreaming of you, but I woke up this morning with a smile because you weren’t a dream.
  21. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. As long as we are together, it will always be a beautiful day. Good Morning.
  22. A night hug warms the heart, a night kiss brightens the day, and a good morning to start your day.
  23. The journey of life starts with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience, the goal is to fill the bag with experience before the bag of luck gets empty. Good Morning.
  24. If you haven’t been able to achieve something, today is the best time to start working towards it again. Good morning. Here’s Happy New Year Wishes 2018
  25. If you haven’t been able to achieve something, today is the best time to start working towards it again. Good morning.
  26. Tension is the poison of the ambition, so no more tension, have full attention on your ambition, you will be in good position.
  27. Every day is a new day. Don’t live in the past. Enjoy the now and make it count. Good Morning. Here’s Happy New Year Wishes in Hindi 2018
  28. Nothing is impossible when God is on your side. Good morning.
  29. Happy moments praise God difficult moments seek God quiet moments worship God painful moments trust God every moment thank God, Good Morning.
  30. We are not too close in distance. We’re not too near in miles. But text can still touch our hearts and thoughts can bring us smiles.
  31. Wishing you a beautiful and an amazing day with shades of happiness and peace.
  32. Success is not just a measure of how big you can dream, it is also a measure of how much you can do. Good morning.
  33. Good thoughts precede great deeds. Great deeds precede success. Have a great day.
  34. God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth and I just caught one so nice and true it’s you.
  35. No one can stop you from doing anything that is on your mind. Good Morning.
  36. You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.
  37. Don’t complain about yesterday. Make a better tomorrow by making the most of today. Good morning. Here’s Happy New Year Wallpapers 2018 in HD
  38. See outside the window, Sun rising for you. Flowers smiling for you. Birds singing for you because last night I told them to wish you.
  39. Everything you need is already inside you. Get started. Good Morning.
  40. Stop thinking about how much more you can sleep and start thinking about how much more you can do. Good morning.

Good Morning Whatsapp Status for Friends

  • It ‘s good to be up before dawn for such habits contribute to health , wealth and wisdom.
  • Night becomes day without any effort on your part. But that ‘s about all the help you get from Mother Nature. To succeed, your efforts begin now . Good morning.
  • ” The next morning up bright and sweet like a ribbon candy ! Have a great day Ahead ! Good morning “
  • Let the sunlight in the morning light the fire within you to achieve great things in life. Good morning.
  • The eyes are not for tears and heart are not intended to fear, never be angry, but always cheer .. Because you are the one who can make people smile for years. Good morning
  • In the morning, a man walking with his whole body , at night only with his legs.
  • People will hate you , you vote , you shake , and break you. But the strength of your position is that you do …. Good morning .
  • To wake up every morning just a better person than when I went to bed.
  • The flowers are smiling to you The birds sing for you Because last night I told them to wish you Good morning..
  • Every morning brings new potential, but if you live on the misfortunes of the day , you tend to overlook huge opportunities.
  • “Good morning, world Today you are to me today, I will conquer you today is my second chance , today , I win “
  • If you have not been able to achieve something, now is the best time to start working towards it again. Good morning.
  • Let the sunlight in the morning light the fire within you to achieve great things in life. Good morning.
  • Do you wake up today , I am happy to be alive I have a precious human life , I ‘m not going to waste “
  • She says you ‘re not awake until you are actually out of bed and standing .
  • Let your friends you meet , your troubles neglect you, your family protect you, and no negativity affect you !!!!!!! Have a nice day !!!!

Good Morning Whatsapp Status for Parents

  1. The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents smiling and knowing that you are the reason behind that smile.
  2. Just because you have kids doesn’t make you a parent. You have to earn that right.
  3. Never forget the person who lost everything just to make you win in your life.
  4. Wishes some people realised parenting is 24/7 not just when it’s convenient, once you have kids, they come first. Always.
  5. Parents need to teach their children principles of respect and acceptance.
  6. A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.
  7. Would just like to take the time to congratulate my parents for having such an amazing daughter.
  8. Never forget the person who was with you in every pain in your life.
  9. Your fades, love droops the leaves of friendship fall. A mother’s secret love outlives them all.
  10. Love, honor and respect your parents. God only gave us this one chance in a lifetime to have them to love and cherish, thank you God for mine.
  11. Your parents were there for you when you needed them; now in their golden years, it’s time to be there for them. I love my parents.
  12. You have been there for me from the beginning, and I will be with you until the end! I Love You Mom. You are one of my most precious blessings.
  13. Being a parent is agreeing to have your heart walking around outside your body for the rest of your life.
  14. Was lucky to have two parents in my home as a kid, one was named fear me and the other respect me, I nicknamed them dad and mom.
  15. For those of you who still have your parents with you, be careful what you say to them. That I hate you, said today could turn into I miss you tomorrow.
  16. Kids need fathers, not visitors.
  17. When you get older and become a parent, you realize the sacrifices your parents made that were never recognized or thanked for. Thanks, mom, and dad.
  18. That awkward moment when your dad thinks that every boy you talk to is you boyfriend.
  19. Those grandparents and parents that don’t take the time to have a relationship with their kids and grandchildren are missing out on the best time of your life.
  20. The greatest gift I ever had, is my dad and mom.

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I’m alone, cold, afraid, and knowing that at any moment my life could end. I pull the branches slowly from my body and prepare for the worst. But, before I emerge, I take a moment and appreciate the luster of the morning. I look around and find myself smiling at the beautiful storm. do share these Good Morning Images and Good Morning Gifs with your friends.

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There is an old proverb that says ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. I am in the habit of getting up early in the morning and have formed the habit of walking long morning walks in the past two years. It is a light Precise and best for physical fitness. Do share these Good Morning Images and Good Morning Gifs with your friends and families. Do share these Good Morning Images and Good Morning Gifs with your friends and families.

The blazing sun beats down on the smooth, weathered rocks of the cliff side. The crisp seaweed pushed onto the rocks by the waves, lay baking at the sea’s edge, occasionally moving with the tide. The clear blue sea’s waves rattle the tiny pebbles embedded in the golden sand.

Men and women who go out for morning walk enjoy its reddening beauty. It is the time when the day casts away the cloak of night. The lovers of morning walk stop on their way to look at the sunrise. The first rays of the sun are cool and bracing to the eyes.

I woke up one beautiful morning with the sun shining bright. I looked at my hot… 356 words. 1 page. A Comparison of Daytime Activities versus Nighttime Activities in School. Thesis: Even though, physically the location and students stay the same, emotionally the school changes drastically depending on the time of day.

The sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights of Nature. Its praises have been sung by many poets who have all associated it with peace and joy. At this time everything appears to be beautiful. The rising sun illumines the mountain-tops, the trees, the temples, the mosques, the buildings of a big city.

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