Free Udemy Courses List (Category Wise List) | 2023

In this post you will find Free Udemy Courses from Udemy Site. We have posted Free Udemy Courses category wise so that you can easily find Udemy Courses for free to download. The Browse from below Udemy Courses list and download Udemy Courses for free. If you want to know more about SQL Vs MySQL then you can visit here.

All courses are offered from Udemy in more than 90 languages. Each course is on-demand, and includes lifetime access with no expirations. Improve your skills and get the job you want. Previously we have also posted Google Drive Links for Ebooks for Students also added whatsapp group Links for Students.

Free Udemy Courses and Udemy Coupons

Choose from over 20,000 courses, on anything from programming to business. Ideal for anyone who wants a free education & loves learning will enjoy taking Udemy courses with this APP created by JobboJ.

Udemy is one of the most recognized learning station where you can learn alot of such courses for free or at very low prices.  Today, Udemy is offering some very cool courses for absolutely free.

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How to get Free Udemy Courses

  1. Talk to the instructor and request a free coupon
  2. Promote the courses offered by the instructor in lieu of a free course coupon(I did that)
  3. There are instructors who list their courses as free to gain initial enrollments, always look for this option

[ New Courses + Limited Time ] Free Online Courses @ Udemy

Some More Premium Udemy Courses – Masterlink – Click here 

[Most Demanded] Spring & Hibernate for Beginners (includes Spring Boot) |Promo Code: SPRING-2020

Instagram Marketing 2020 | Promo Code: GETFREE

Comprehensive IELTS Writing and Speaking: How to Get 6.5+ | Coupon : COMPRIELTSWRANDSP

Full Stack: Angular and Spring Boot | Coupon : SPRING-2020

Master Teacher Series: The Four Cs for Every Classroom | Coupon : DF0042313B4EB58592A9

The Web Development Bootcamp 2020 | Coupon : WDEV11

Python 3 Bootcamp: Hands On Guide To Learn Python | Coupon : PYKNY131

Telegram Chatbot Bootcamp using JavaScript | Coupon : 88702AD1F87501E28CBB

Running for Weight Loss: Set up Your Running Goal | Coupon : APRIL2020

Angular Programming Beginner’s Bootcamp 2020 || Coupon = DISCUDEMY.COM

70-334 Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 || Coupon = F654DFB2724CD9B2ADF4

PMP Certification Practice Tests || Coupon = 21863BA18357EFEB2CB0

Learn SQL From Scratch || Coupon = LEARN-SQL-2020

Learn Illustrator CC: Create Simple Flat Vector Characters || Coupon = AD738E776A0D7E0C624D

The Power of Discipline || Coupon = STAY-AT-HOME

Modern Javascript For Beginners 2020 – Course + Projects || Coupon = NEW_COUPON

Affiliate Marketing and Organic SEO in 2020 – The Fast Track || Coupon = AMOS2020APRFREE

Job Hunting || Coupon = 893C827E22709AA9BCE4

First Steps in Improving Your Self Esteem || Coupon = APRIL20

Stop Motion Object Animation Using Davinci Resolve & Bandlab || Coupon = C730392EDF952A9C4D72

Basics Of Stop Motion Animation Using Canva And OpenShot || Coupon = 99EDE90BCB11EED587FA

Canva Flat Design Masterclass: Guide To Flat Design In Canva || Coupon = 714D6826FE7D7DFECB2B

Boost Your Productivity with Google Apps. Basic and Advanced || Coupon = FREE2020

Automate Your Business with Zapier. Basic and Advanced || Coupon = FREE2020

Melt & Pour Soap Making Home Business Marketing Starter Kit || Coupon = 6D857E70DD5BF68CE158

Learn Web Development From Scratch: Hands On Practical Guide || Coupon = DISCUDEMY.COM

Python 3 Crash Course || Coupon = DISCUDEMY.COM

Ultimate Guide for the Next Generation of Affiliates || Coupon = 3A69526824C06640599D

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course : Beginner to Advance! || Coupon = EHACK11

Fundamentals of Audit – A Crash Course || Coupon = FBPFRC

Become Time And Productivity Master – Get More Things Done || Coupon = FREETIMEMASTER

NR0-014 Tera data Administration V2R5 Certify Practice Test || Coupon = NR0-014

Introduction to Financial Accounting : Accounting Made Easy || Coupon = ACCOUNTING4

Complete Photoshop Course: Zero to Hero || Coupon = PHOTOSHOP-BOOST

VCPVCD510 VMware Certified Professional 5 – IaaS Test || Coupon = 7509A32A0B9C12F70097

Complete Ethical Hacking Course – Learn From Scratch || Coupon = JUIHO172

Substation Power Engineering Fundamentals || Coupon = CDA7B8C6B4AE27193E75

A Beginner’s Guide to Overcoming Shyness || Coupon = APRIL20

Poster and Banner Design for Beginners || Coupon = 993029D6344C0A5CDB24

The Ultimate JavaScript Course : Beginner to Advanced || Coupon = JSERT1287

Java Programming : Complete Beginner to Advanced || Coupon = 7A16E0CA8CA21C34A3C0

Teacher Training – How to Teach Online – Remote Teaching 1Hr || Coupon = KAMUNLIMITED

On-Camera Charisma for YouTube Stars – YouTube Marketing || Coupon = SPICYPROMO

Udemy Free Courses – Get Premium Courses For free

[ New Courses ] Free Online Courses @ Udemy

1) Instagram Stories Marketing Updated: Make Instagram Work 4U! | Coupon : INSTAFREE

2) Art for Beginners & Kids: 8 Drawing & Mixed-Media Projects | Coupon : LEARNATHOME

3) Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Affinity Designer | Coupon : LEARNATHOME

4) Procreate: Draw, Sketch, Paint, and Join frcp_deals ,Design on Your iPad | Coupon : LEARNATHOME

5) Complete Whiteboard Animation in VideoScribe – 5 Animations | Coupon : LEARNATHOME

6) Accounting for Companies – Issue of Debentures | Coupon : STAYHOMESTAYSAFE

7) Get more customers with ClickFunnels – Basic and advanced | Coupon : FREE2020

8) Complete Cyber Security Course: Beginner to Advanced | Coupon : HCKFR6151

1) Native Mobile App & design, code and publish

Coupon Code – FIGHT_COVID19

2) How To Create A Client Portal App! (Without Writing Code)

Coupon Code – No Required

3) Complete Ethical Hacking Masterclass: Beginner to Advance

Coupon Code – EHMSTR19

4) Penetration Testing with KALI and More: All You Need to Know

Coupon Code – 6A73575296DC39104150

5) Angular 9 Masterclass with TypeScript, Firebase, & Material (16Hrs)


6) Python Flask for Beginners: Build a CRUD web app using Flask

Coupon Code – COVID19

7) Programming with Python: HandsOn Introduction for Beginners

Coupon Code – COVID19

8) Learn Metasploit Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Coupon Code – METAEH1872

9) Complete Machine Learning Course: Go from zero to hero

Coupon Code – MLUI19211

10) JavaScript Modern ES6 – 2020 – The Complete Course

Coupon Code – JS_FREE

11) The Complete Front-End Web Development Course

Coupon Code – F61187FE634BF858660F

12) FMEA and RCM Failure Mode Risk Management Fundamentals

Coupon Code – D3F732CAFEC78FEC0117

13) Declarations and Initializations for C Program MCQ Practice

Coupon Code – FREECOUPON

14) Expressions for C Programming MCQ Practice Questions

Coupon Code – FREECOUPON

15) Learn Effective Decision Making

Coupon Code – 264AE6522703C26C62D5

16) Learn Basic Premiere Rush

Coupon Code – TRY40FREE2

17) FOCUS- The hidden driver of excellence

Coupon Code – METAEH1872

18) Java Programming Fundamentals

Coupon Code – BB9B17FDDCF3B4D0234D

19) Blast Your Website With Traffic: Artificial Intelligence SEO

Coupon Code – 7E558CBA1C2E4EE46A9E

20) Cinematic Color Grading With Premiere Pro 2020 For Beginners


21) Become an Executive Coach in 2020

Coupon- MARCH2020

22) Complete Internet Marketing Tools for a Successful Business


23) Angular 9 Masterclass with TypeScript, Firebase, & Material


New Free Courses Links Working on March 2020 –

Master Link of All Free Courses [5000+ Free Courses] – Click Here

Premiere Pro Click Here
Photoshop Click Here
Lightroom Click Here
After Effects Click Here
InDesign Click Here
Audition Click Here

BUSINESS & MARKETING | Free Udemy Courses List 

Udemy Course Masters Click Here
YouTube Marketing Click Here
Content Marketing Click Here
SEO Masterclass Click Here
WordPress for Beginners Click Here
Podcast Masterclass Click Here
Digital Marketing Automation Click Here

VIDEO PRODUCTION Free Udemy Courses List 

Video Production Bootcamp Click Here
YouTube Masterclass Click Here
Cinematography Click Here
Complete Audio Production Course Click Here
Start Your Filmmaking Career Click Here
Wedding Videography Click Here
Kinetic Typography Click Here

PHOTOGRAPHY Free Udemy Courses List 

Start Your Photography Business Click Here
Wedding Photography Click Here
Photography for Kids Click Here
Food Photography Click Here
Landscape Photography Click Here
Night Photography Click Here
Street Photography Click Here
Portrait Photography Click Here
Travel Photography Click Here
Canon Photography Click Here
Landscape Photo Editing Click Here

Free Udemy Courses List 2019

Ethical Hacking Practical Course – CLick Here to Study

How To Meditate: Transcendental Theory & Guided Meditations…

Coping Skills: For A Better Life!…

Investing With A Robo Advisor…

Teaching Excellence…

C# from the beginning…

Management 101: Leadership Workshop – Build Your Skills…

Les Secrets pour se Débarrasser du Stress et de l’Anxiété…

Fiverr Secrets: Become a Fiverr Top Rated Seller Today…

The Ultimate Guide to Niche Keyword Research + Free Software…

TJ Walker’s 1-Hour Public Speaking Presentation Skills Class…

Master ClickFunnels & Create Sales Funnels Like a Boss…

Learn to be a WOW Teacher!…

Fiverr Marketing: Freelance To Start Your Online Business…

Learn Front-End Web Development…

Trouble Shooting Your Classrooms…

Benefits of Udemy Courses :-

1. Udemy has a very wide range of 60,000 course portfolio.

2. On any given subject, there are courses from multiple authors so that you can easily choose the best one whichever suits you.

3. Udemy mainly focuses on Quality .Quality of popular courses is usually very good – All the courses are prepared by the experts in their respective fields and they themselves provide the support.

4. It has become a trend that many courses are offered free of cost.

5. All the paid courses are reasonably priced so that everyone can afford it. However some may be priced high which is a occasional case.

6. Good to tell you that Udemy provides lifetime access to all its courses.

7. You can easily download the videos and learn on the go by using their mobile app or your Tab.

So these are some best Free Udemy Courses List. We keep on adding Free Udemy Courses List so keep checking this post. Also if you have some requirement then comment below and we will add the link of that Free Udemy Courses List for you.

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