The convulsion of the crypto active and NFTs market worldwide has been notable, which has impacted the investment mentality of people who constantly search for tools that allow them to increase basic income. Register Today and become a trader on the best crypto trading platform.

Usually, we are used to inquiring about various aspects that can contribute to improving the economy and finances. That is where statistical data plays an essential role in managing digital financial instruments.

Today many countries have opened the doors to the crypto assets market, as well as another group that needs to allow itself to be more friendly with this financial ecosystem.

Each has its criteria and opinions; in the end, adopting a particular resource, technological, financial, economic, commercial, or production, depends on each person’s personal decision.

On this occasion, the eyes are focused on the Netherlands, considered one of the countries with the most extensive searches for information related to the cryptographic environment.

According to the results of market analysis, it was evidenced that there are a total of 1.5 million searches per month that are related to cryptocurrencies and the ranking of crypto assets according to their market capitalization.

Google searches show the obsession.

During the last months, an educational platform has been dedicated to analyzing the market’s behavior regarding the searches carried out in the well-known Google linked to information about cryptocurrencies.

A study based on the 100 most populous countries in the world showed that the Netherlands is constantly obsessed with obtaining cryptographic information. Around 8% of the country’s population carries out monthly searches concerning Bitcoin.

According to searches, the second most relevant crypto active is the meme coin known as Dogecoin, followed by Ethereum, with around 100,000 monthly searches.

The adoption of digital currencies worldwide has become popular to the point where people need more information regarding these financial instruments and the benefits they provide to their users.

The controversial situation generated in the digital financial market and the valuation of each digital asset attracts the most attention since they have remained with extreme levels of volatility, leading some to lose more than 50% of their value compared to the last recorded historical maximum.

Top 5 Countries with the most crypto searches

It is interesting to evaluate the various worldwide approaches regarding the impact that digital currencies have on the economies of the world and the willingness of people to become active users of said assets.

Knowing who shows the most significant interest in digital assets gives us an overview of how mass adoption could develop and who would be the first to have the most timely information.

The top 5 countries with the highest internet searches for cryptocurrencies are listed below.

1. Netherlands:

As previously mentioned, this occupies the first place because it is a fashionable topic due to its positive approach to said digital currencies and the favorable tax environment due to the legality of cryptocurrencies.

2. Turkey:

With a percentage equivalent to 5.6% of its population carrying out searches related to cryptocurrencies, it demonstrates this country’s interest in its majority for Bitcoin, despite being the country with the most extraordinary fanaticism about Dogecoin.

3. Germany:

This country represents the second country with the largest population in the European continent, which undoubtedly has a great weight in terms of the trends that are developed from the financial point of view; for this reason, the searches related to Bitcoin represent 5% of its population monthly.

4. Canada:

It reflects 4.3% of its population concerning monthly searches on cryptocurrencies, which shows that cryptographic investments are an attractive option if it is a question of diversifying income and taking advantage of saved capital.

5. Czech Republic:

With the same percentage of searches Canada has returned, Canada joins the ranks of countries obsessed with digital currencies, where 360,000 inquiries out of 448,600 per month are directly related to Bitcoin.


With time, Cryptocurrencies have been climbing positions not only in the financial market but also in the investor minds of many people, managing to position Bitcoin as one of the cryptocurrencies with the most significant investment feasibility, demonstrating why it is in the first place based on its market capitalization.

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