The issue of cryptocurrencies for the United States is quite contradictory; consequently, it is one of the countries where there are more investors and users of the digital financial market and, in turn, the one that seeks to impose the most regulation on the sector. Due to its user-friendly interface, a bitcoin ATM‘s purchasing procedure is simple and advantageous for newcomers.

The constant attempts to regulate the cryptographic market in the United States are closely linked to the future creation of the digital dollar to achieve control of the macroeconomic factors that affect the economies of the world.

The supervision and creation of policies that the authorities follow up on digital assets represent the ideal strategy for the government to consider all the necessary elements for a future-supported digital currency.

When integrating into a digital economy, many aspects are considered by the countries; they are not quick steps but firm ones and have the appropriate legal bases to avoid future complications that become a headache for governments and citizens.

Recently, a market study applied throughout the North American territory yielded results related to the preparation of every one of the states of the country about the future adoption of cryptocurrencies as financial instruments.

Florida is among the 50

At a general level, cryptocurrencies have had a different acceptance and dominance throughout the North American country, which undoubtedly represents the vision of this nation’s future for digital currencies.

One of the participating regions with the most extraordinary dominance in the crypto sector has been the state of Florida and which, to date, is better prepared for possible adoption of the crypto asset market.

In this sense, it is not only about adoption in terms of use but also about the willingness to create the appropriate infrastructure that contributes to the sustainability of cryptocurrencies in any of the jurisdictions that make up said state.

One of the relevant aspects that leads to this conclusion is the number of devices such as Bitcoin ATMs, crypto exchanges, fintech, and DeFi. That is increasingly being created, generating significant interest in the general public.

Some statistical data that make the United States one of the leaders in the use and management of cryptographic investments is not only related to the number of ATMs that are installed in the country and that yield more than 85% of the total installed equipment.

Without leaving aside the global Bitcoin hash rate that it generates that almost reaches 38% of the total worldwide. These figures show that this is one of the most powerful countries with the most extraordinary dominance of crypto assets.

The state of Florida’s commitment to the crypto market has led it to position itself as the most prepared region with the optimal capabilities to use cryptocurrencies daily.

A long-term project

Currently, there are better times to involve the population with the adoption of a supported digital currency, much less to link the economy with the digital financial market.

All efforts will likely focus more on a prior regulation of the cryptographic market before a general adoption of said digital financial instruments throughout the North American territory.

It is not a decision that is taken lightly; it requires analysis and preparation of every one of the sectors that make up the country’s economy, in addition to establishing a timely and optimal legal framework that protects the interests of all participating parties.

The adequacy of the general system and infrastructures is an issue that takes time; perhaps this is one of the relevant aspects to consider in the long-term development of actions in favor of the digital market.

Considering all these aspects, an analysis must be made of the impact that massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and stability would generate from the financial and national security point of view.


The possibility of reinforcing the leadership of the United States as a world power is evident. There, it intends to use the global financial system and the emerging technologies necessary to optimize the use of resources and the economic transformation to the digital age.

On the other hand, the link with the digital financial market would be executed from the consumer protection perspective, transforming into financial stability, the protection of national security, and reducing climate risk.

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