If you are looking to Hide Photos videos Folders in Android Without any app, then we have provided steps to hide folders in android. Now a Days we keep everything in our Smart phone Like Personal photos videos, and many other stuff which you don’t want to see by others Including Your family members. You can hide your Stuff without any app using our trick in just few Seconds. No programming needed. Even a small boy can do this.

We all have Some secret didn’t we ? According to me android is best Operating system Which gives us full freedom without any terms and condition. In this tutorial i show you How to Hide Photos videos Folders in Android Without any app

Steps to Hide Photos videos Folders in Android.

Step 1: Navigate to File manager

First take your Android Smartphone in your Hand & Navigate to File manager. According to me Android’s default file manager is best to Perform this simple task (hide folders & files).

Step 2: open the Folder you want to Hide

Now open File manager and open the Folder you want to Hide and Click on Menu


Step 3: Rename your Folder By adding  ( . )

Now Rename your Folder By adding  ( . ) before the name of folder that you want to hide.For example My folder new name is now .Screenshots ,Now no one be able to see this folder Including you.


Step 4: To see select Show hidden folder

Don’t worry you can see all of your files (hide folders)  by clicking on show hidden Folder.

Step 5: Now your Files and folder are hidden

With this simple trick you Can hide Folder that you want. You just need a Rename Your secret folder by putting (.) Before the name of folder. When wanted to See that folder Just tap on Show all Hidden files.

How To unHide Photos videos Folders in Android

If you want to Unhide That folder You can remove dot(.) before that Folder Name.

Proof: See Below Pics. In 1st Pic ScreenShots Folder is Present But in 2nd Pic it is Hidden.



We all have something personal on our phone that we don’t want to be viewed by anyone else. Basically some of the contents are only stored for our eyes.

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