How to Avoid Christmas Party Disasters

How to Avoid Christmas Party Disasters – The season of parties is upon us, as Christmas is finally getting closer. Christmas parties are part of the holiday season – we have them with our colleagues, friends and family. In most cases, these parties can be a lovely occasion to get together and have a good time.

 But there are also those opposite stories. Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned and your Christmas parties might end up in a disaster. This is definitely unfortunate and luckily, easily avoidable with a few clever planning tricks. If you want to ensure your Christmas party is a success, here is how to avoid the common party disasters. do wish them using these Merry Christmas Message and Wishes

How to Avoid Christmas Party Disasters

Go for digital invitations

 In the era of smartphones and e-mails, you really don’t need to send a letter to invite people to the party. In fact, you can prevent people from not turning up by having a quirky digital invitation sent to them. These can even send alarms to remind everyone about the party – for example, a week before you can remind them about Secret Santa gift, three days before sending a note about sorting the party gear and in the morning tell them to attend the party with a smile on their face!

 Set a Secret Santa budget and theme

 Secret Santa is a fun way of adding an element of surprise to your party. However, when strangers are buying gifts for strangers it can get tricky and often end up in a disaster. To avoid the problem, set a budget range for the gift and make sure it reflects the guest list. So, if you have many wealthy guests you could pick a budget slightly higher than if you know guests are students or people who might not have a lot of spare money. Overall, don’t go crazy with the budget!

 You could also set a theme to ensure everyone has an inkling of what to buy. Good themes could be things like games, cooking (excluding food items due to possible allergies), crafts or even books!

 Opt for bite-size food

 When it comes to catering, don’t go with dips. The dip bowls will end up looking ghastly by the end of the night and many people might be annoyed having to dip their food into something others have already eaten. The best party food is bite-sized – everyone can eat as much or as little as they want. You can find great canapé ideas from Olive Magazine.

 When planning for your food, be mindful of allergies. You definitely want to ensure your menu has something that doesn’t contain nuts, dairy or gluten, as these are the most common allergies. Of course, you should also have a meaty and meatless option.

 Focus on the music

 Music is an important part of a good party and it can help you avoid a situation where no one has nothing to do or say. It’s probably best not to book a band, as you never know who likes what type of music. Just be your own DJ – after all, it isn’t difficult in the modern world. You can buy a cheap set of speakers and a streaming device from Currys. Right now, the Holiday deals at Currys will guarantee you don’t even have to pay a lot for your party entertainment.

 Have party games planned but don’t force them

 You should have other entertainment too and party games can be a good idea. However, you don’t want to force people to participate and if things are going well and people are having a good time, you don’t have to play games. When picking your party games for android, consider the audience – don’t pick anything rude or political. Simple games like charades or even light-hearted Christmas quizzes can work the best. You don’t want people fighting over the games.

 Limit the free alcohol

 Now, sometimes people enjoying their drinks a little too much cause the biggest disasters. It’s definitely a good idea to have alcohol on offer – you don’t want to be a party pooper. Just don’t go for unlimited drinks but ask people to bring their own if they want! It’s also a good idea to offer a non-alcohol option and encourage people to drink water while drinking. Place water bottles around the room to limit people getting dehydrated – they’ll thank you the next day!

 Get everyone home safe

 Christmas parties should also end with a smile on everyone’s face. It’s, unfortunately, often a time when criminals are on the lookout for vulnerable victims and you want to help your guests stay safe. Use a proper taxi-hailing app or book with your local taxi service in advance to help people leave safely. A small gesturebut one that can mean a lot to your guests!

 With the above tricks and tips, you can avoid Christmas party disasters and end up having a good party.

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