How to Change your Minecraft Name (Simplest Way)

In this Post we have provided steps of How to Change your Minecraft Name. Follow below steps to Change your Minecraft Name. If you want to change minecraft username you can change your minecraft name using Mojang site. So below are some best ways of How to Change your Minecraft Name.

At some point it was quite not possible to change the Minecraft username. But after 4th February, 2015 it has become quite possible for Minecraft users to change their Minecraft name. You can use these Cool Clan Names List for Clash of Clan game. This post teaches you how to change the name that your character uses in-game on the computer version of Minecraft. Unfortunately, you cannot change your username in Minecraft PE or console editions, as these versions use your Xbox Live or PlayStation gamertag instead.

How to Change your Minecraft Name

Users who have a Mojang account (you sign in with your email) can change Change your Minecraft Name or username for free at by clicking the (Change) link next to your profile name. After clicking the change link, you’ll be able to see if a username is available to you. If it shows that it is not available, you will not be able to change to that name.

you cannot change your username in Minecraft PE or console editions, as these versions use your Xbox Live or PlayStation gamertag instead. You cannot change your name if you created the account within the last 30 days, nor can you change your name more than once every 30 days. You also must change your name to a name that hasn’t been chosen by someone else at this point.

Steps of How to Change your Minecraft Name

Do you want to change your Minecraft username and you have no idea about it? Then you are at the right place for the solution. Follow below steps to to Change your Minecraft Name.

1) Open the Mojang site. Go to in your browser

2) Click ACCOUNT and Click Log in. It’s in the upper-right side of the page.

3) Type your email address and password into the labelled fields on this page and Login.

4) Find the “Profile Name” section. You’ll see this near the middle of the page.

5) Click Change and Enter a new profile name. In the text field near the top of the page, type in the username that you want to use.

6) Click Check availability. This will check your username to see if it’s already taken; if not, you’ll see a green “username is available” message appear.

7) If the username is already taken, you’ll see a red “username is in use” message appear. If so, try a different username, or try spelling your selected username differently, and then click Check availability again.

8) Enter your password and Click Change name. Doing so will change your current username to your new username immediately.

9) You can change your Minecraft username once every 30 days.

10) You can switch back to your old username after 30 days. Everyone else must wait 37 days before they can switch to your old username.

you should see this change reflected the next time that you log into Minecraft on your Windows or Mac computer. After a successful name change, you won’t be able to change your name for another 30 days. Your old username will be available for 37 days, meaning that you’ll have a week to change your new username back to your old one if you decide to do so.

Below Requirement to Change your Minecraft Name is Required

  • Needs to consist of 3-16 characters
  • No spaces
  • A-Z (upper and lower case)
  • 0-9
  • Only allowed special character is _ (underscore)
  • It is no longer possible to create a username with less than three characters.
  • You cannot have more than one Minecraft username per Mojang account.

Name changes won’t wipe other parts of your account. If you’re banned from a server, you’ll stay banned. You’ll also retain whitelist and op status on servers along with your inventory, pets and stats.

So use these steps of How to Change your Minecraft Name. if you are facing any issue in any of the steps comment below and we will try to resolve your query.

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