How to Link Sarahah App to Snapchat

How to Link Sarahah App to Snapchat – Many of you have a Confusion How to Put Sarahah on Snapchat or How to Add Connect Sarahah with Snapchat.So You follow given below video tutorial how to connect/add sarahah with Snapchat. Users can attach their Sarahah and Snapchat accounts by adding a link in the latter app. Users can post the link to their Sarahah in their Snapchat Story, allowing viewers to swipe up and add a comment from there.

As you Already know Sarahah app allows users to send messages anonymously and receive anonymous messages in return, though there is currently no interface for commenting on messages. Navigating to another user’s page displays only their profile photo and a space for you to “leave a constructive message :). if you don’t know How to Join Sarahah App then check that post. So Below are the steps of How to Link Sarahah App to Snapchat.

How to Link Sarahah App to Snapchat

1. First of All, Open Snapchat App on your Phone.

2. Now Click the Snap(Photo & Video) on Snapchat.

3. Now click on Paperclip icon and type your Sarahah Profile URL .Your Sarahah Profile URL Should Look Like Example ( There should be no spaces in Profile URL otherwise you will be redirected to Google Search Results.

Note : If this Method is not Working then try:Method 2 Which is Given Below

4. After typing Sarahah Profile URL, Now click on the Go or Search button and wait until Your Sarahah Profile will be Loaded.

5. Click on the Attach to Snap button at bottom.

6. Now Your Sarahah Link is Successfully Added in Snap.

How to Link Sarahah App to Snapchat – 2nd Method

  1. First of All open Snapchat App in Your SmartPhone.

2. Now Click the Snap on Snapchat.

3. Now Click on the Paperclip icon , Which is Showing on right side in Image.

4. Now Search box tab will open, Type in the search box and click on Go/Search button.Now Website will Opened.

5. Now Click on the Login Button.

6. Now Login in to your Sarahah Account (if You not Register then Register First by Clicking Here)

7. Now Click on the Profile Link Which is Shown Below in Image.

8. Now Your Sarahah Profile Open.Now Click on Attach to Snap.

9 .Now Your Sarahah is Linked with Snapchat Sucessfully.

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