iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac: Top-Class Data Recovery Software for Mac Users


We all have experienced a desperate situation where we have deleted important files, emptied the recycle bin, and have no backups whatsoever.

Data loss is frustrating and even more frustrating when the lost data is somehow related to your work. For instance, you are a content creator and have been working on a project for the last couple of weeks.

But due to data loss events, your hard work sums up to zero, and your work is set back by weeks. Losing data is not only annoying, but it also means that you have lost your time, energy, and money associated with it.

Is there a way to solve this problem? Yes, there is; in the form of Mac data recovery software. These software tools are powered by storing and complex algorithms capable of scanning and skewering all the lost data in one place.

This article will talk about one of the leading Mac data recovery software, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, and its performance.

About iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft data recovery tool is one of the most recommended software on the internet. It is available for both Windows and macOS. It comes with a wide range of data recovery features and offers all kinds of data recovery services.

iBoysoft data recovery software can help you recover data with:

  • Deleted files.
  • Corrupted drives.
  • Inaccessible data.
  • RAW drives.
  • Lost partition.
  • Internal and external drives.
  • Formatted drives.

Features Of iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft flaunts some of the best features that give it an edge over its competitors. Here are the key features:

Deep Scan & Quick Scan

iBoysoft comes with dual scanning mode. These modes ensure that all the data loss scenario gets covered and you get back your lost data.

Deep scanning: Deep scanning is required when you have lost the data and have no idea where it is.

Quick scanning: It works the best when you have deleted data recently. For instance, you have deleted the data, initiating a quick scan to recover it immediately.

Sort by Multiple Filters

The software interface comes with several filtering options that allow the user to sort out the results relevant to the needs.

Preview Before Data Recovery

Only a few software comes with the preview feature before recovering the data; iBoysoft is one. You can preview the data to ensure you are recovering the right data.

Support Data Recovery from T2 and M1 Macs

iBoysoft data recovery software is among the few tools that offer a comprehensive solution to data recovery from T2-equipped Macs as well as Apple Silicon M1 Mac.

Find and Recover Data from Lost Partition

There are times when you cannot find the partition of the hard drive. This usually happens when the file system of the partition is damaged. Initiating the deep scan can help you find the lost partition, and thus fulfil data recovery within.

Customer Support

When it comes down to tech support, perhaps, iBoysoft will give you excellent user experience. It offers great after-sale customer support to its customers. In addition to that, the customer support services also include downloadable user manuals, online support, FAQs, and video tutorials to ensure their customers are satisfied.


We tested iBoysoft data recovery software for both macOS and Windows OS and found that it is capable of recovering 99% of the data. Although the recovery rates are not 100%, it’s still more than what other data recovery tools offer.

The bottom line is that iBoysoft is a wonderful assistant to recover your data. It also offers 1GB free data recovery for the interested candidate in the free trial.

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