How is India changing under Modi Government – Some Best Examples

How is India changing under Modi Government – Some Best Examples: Ever since the Narendra Modi government came to power, the cabal of Mainstream media and Opposition parties led by Congress backed by the Anti-Modi lobby has consistently tried to paint everything done in India black. Every achievement has been run down. Every initiative undertaken ridiculed. It is time to take stock at what has been done.

 1. Free WIFI at Railway Stations and station was ‘Electronic Passenger Reservation board’

I was waiting for my train at jaipur railway station. I went to buy a water bottle and there I saw this hoarding board

Free WiFi service at jaipur railway station.
In the bottom right corner you can see – Digital Rail, Digital India.
Yes, India is being digitised under Modi governance.
And then I tried to access it to check whether it is working or not. And it was working fine.

On 12 Sept 2015 Indian Railways announced its partnership with the tech giant Google to provide free wifi services at 400 railway stations across India. In january 2016 mumbai central station had become the first railway station to have WiFi facility.
The project has been named Nilgiri.

One more thing I noticed at the station was ‘Electronic Passenger Reservation board’.

Here is the picture I clicked at the station

And earlier they used to be like this-

I appreciate the efforts of the Indian Railway and the Modi government. India is well on its way to Digitisation.

After going through the comments, many people are asking is it free?, is there any usage limit etc… I have captured a screenshot of a few questions under faq section of

2. The significant schemes and policies that have resulted in change in India are-

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan- JUST have a look at places like New Delhi railway station,Varanasi Ghats, historical monuments and other places of tourism we will see a significant change in their cleanliness condition. Though seems a very small initiative but its impact is quite large. Apart from having neat and clean living environment for us it will encourage tourism in India and hence its revenue.
  • Startup India- Modi govt. Has understand the power any idea has. It is giving full boost to turn these smart ideas into business reality which will help economy grow,provide employment and other associated benefits. Gone are the days when youth with their ideas have to go to countries like Singapore to turn their idea into business just because India was having stringent rules and regulations and associated red tapism.
  • Favouring business-India has largest population of youth and how will employment be provided to them,only by business organisations either Indian or foreign. This govt. Is reducing time taken to take decisions,granting various clearances such as environmental, etc. Aim is support business structures so that they can provide employment to youth.
  • Make In India- Ever wondered by China is growing at such a rapid pace, beacuse it is manufacturing hub and this is what india is upto. We have to create india a manufacturing zone so that people here can get emoloyed in manufacturing sector. Manufacturing sector has lot to provide than any other sector in India. There is lot of growth opportunities in this. And we have just started.
  • Foreign Direct Investment- India has just surpassed China in terms of FDI inflow. Although majority of this has been in services sector and we need it in manufacturing sector to create employment but getting even in services sector and that too surpassing China is success in itself.
  • Skill India- As I said above,aim of govt is to create emoloyment when this be possible when persons with less qualifications have skills in them to work for big corporates. This is being made possible by this govt. By enhacing industrial training institutes. And the best part, these are not only aimed at skilling men,they are directed towards both men and women.
  • Renewable Energy Sector- We are mainly coal driven economy but seeing the situation of climate change and mounting international pressure regarding this we won’t be able to use coal extensively for longer period of time frame. Govt. Of India has sensed this scenerio in advance and are actively encouraging renewable sources of energy mainly solar and nuclear. This is evident from actions taken by govt. Such as solar panel powered railway coaches, stations eg. Shri Mata Vaishnodevi Katra. Recent nuke deals with Australia are major decisions in this sector. Also trains and platform toilets are comming in form of bio toilets so that even this waste can be used for some stuff. Scheme of govt. To distribute LED bulbs to households and LED street lamps are great initiative by govt. Of India and will help in saving huge amount of energy.
  • Jandhan and aadhar-Govt is trying to link each and every household via a bank account and aadhar so that subsidies can be directly dispatched into the accounts and leakage of these can be prevented which will result in reduction in corruption in this sector. Also opening up of bank accounts will increase cash inflow to govt and banks and this can be used to provide loans to the needy and share the interest with govt. and consumers.
  • Various Pension Yojnas- This initiative by govt. Is to help the elderly during their second childhood. Also small installments per month by these people will help generate cash inflow to govt. When it needs the most.
  • Smart Cities- Although this project is still to take off at ground zero but still development of these cities will enhance living conditions of middle class and various facilities will help them to connect to govt and others. Major challenge in this will be to check corruption in contracts that will take place.
  • Infrastructure Development- Infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace. Kilometers of roads are being constructed each day and above all waterways are being considered as part of infrastructure. Hitherto, waterways were completely ignored and were not at all being used for transportation of goods despite it being the cheapest option. But things are changing now and we are using potential of water ways to much extent.
  • E-Governance- Majority of things are now online , gone are the days when we used to stand in long queues to get our work done. Things are now online and are being done in stipulated time. We are directly connected to govt by sites such as at which we can provide our views and opinions regarding drafted bill,etc. We are playing our role directly in governance.

With this I’ll conclude and just share the best thing about all these policies that these are just small ideas but with very large influence and are directly bringing change at ground zero.

3. Boost production make in india

Massive surge in coal production

Renewable energy clean energy

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