What are some things Indians like about Pakistan

 People – Bad people are everywhere, so does in India and Pakistan.The Best friend that I have, is a Pakistani. Though Pakistanis happens to be Conservative, but She is the most amazing person ( friend ) I know.Love of Pakistani people towards Indian Culture, Bollywood, Songs, and Film Actors.


Azad Kashmir


Their Truck Art

I have no idea why almost every Pakistani Truck driver do this. Their truck looks fine even without Truck Art.

And last but not the least…. the Harappan sites (I am a big archaeological enthusiast)

Faizal Mosque -the magnificent view of Faizal mosque situated amidst the amazing beauty of Islamabad is enough to take your breath away ..

Islamabad – A well planned city (also the capital of Pakistan) has got a stunning view. It is equipped with world class infrastructure.

Big fan of Pakistan’s music!

  1. Coke studio


He has given us some of the best music! known as the “Shahenshah-e-Qawwali”

3) Jal- the band!

4) Atif Aslam


6) Amanat ali

7) Farhaan saeed

Big fan of Pakistan actors

1) Fawad Khan- I

2) Hamza ali abbasi

India and Pakistan are 2 children from same mother that’s more than enough for both of us to make us love each other.Like any other siblings we fight for things,but day by day as we approach future ,maturity level increases and our bond will be harder to break.

1. We have cultural similarities,we share common festivals like lohri,we speak common languages like Punjabi and Urdu.

2. We both love cricket.

3.We have similar kind of food.

4. Pakistan has given us many great singers like Rahat fateh ,Ali Zafar,Atif Aslam.Every Indian love their songs.

5. They love our movies,TV serials,that certainly brings us a feeling of affection for them for loving our creation.

P.S : We have more reasons to love each other than to fight for silly things.

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