Know the features of Royal Panda and GetMega to score big and win more

features of Royal Panda and GetMega

According to the Global Games Market Report, the online gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world today. As per 2019 predictions, gamers spent a whopping $151.9 billion on online games alone. Out of all the countries in the world, China and USA are the biggest contributors to online gaming, as far as revenue is concerned, with India being a close third.

Online gaming is not a new concept, however, with the recent unannounced spread of the global pandemic, the number of online gamers globally increased by a great percent. With lockdown restrictions, the majority of the younger population between the age group of 16 to 30 years old, switched to online gaming as a medium to kill time. Given this increasing demand for the same, a long-range of companies began creating platforms to entertain online gamers with numerous exciting games.

What Are Royal Panda and GetMega?

The Indian gaming market is not far behind and has successfully managed to provide the population with great online gaming options and two of the most popular ones include Royal Panda and GetMega. Both of them play a range of games that are extremely exciting and engaging. However, GetMega is known to have a larger variety of gaming options that include casual games, trivia games, and different card games to keep all kinds of users fully invested in the game of their choice. 

Top Features

Both Royal Panda and GetMega have a variety of features that make them the top names in the gaming industry today, as far as India is concerned. Some of the top features of both these big names include the following. 

Royal Panda: Top Features

1) With Royal Panda, you not only get an amazing and fun-filled gaming experience, you also get signup or a welcome bonus that is further converted to interesting opportunities to win real-time money in any of the games on the platform, online.

2) The availability of audio, as well as video chat feature, is what makes the gaming experience all the more fun. At present, the platform does support video chats but might be limited to a certain number of players.

3) The online casino game available on this platform is licensed and certified by the UK Gambling Commission as well as the Malta Gaming Authority, making it 100% safe and secure.

4) As far as the user interface technicalities are concerned, Royal Panda is known to have an extremely seamless user experience with a very simple UI, making it easier to navigate games and payment options on the website. 

GetMega: Top Features

1) One of the best features of GetMega is its referral reward scheme that encourages more participation of the target audience. Under this referral program, as soon as you use the app to invite a friend to play a game with them, Rs.10 is added to your account as part of the scheme. The only few things to remember are to ensure that the referral is someone from your contact book and that the other player you refer should play in video chat mode for at least one game.

2) Similar to Royal Panda, GetMega also offers a welcome or signup bonus to each player in the form of a credit of Rs. 5 that can then be utilized for any of the games available on the platform.

In the Indian market, the only real money online gaming platform that offers video chat features today is GetMega. With unique integration and for increased user experience, you can play a minimum of eight different games using the video chat option available on the platform.

3) GetMega is part of the All India Gaming Federation that assures its verification. It has one of the safest and secure interfaces with certification from iTech Labs in Australia.

4) As far as the user interface technicalities are concerned, GetMega offers both horizontal and vertical gameplay based on the type of game you play to ensure the best user experience. It also increases the user’s interest in the games.

Overall, the online gaming industry is booming because of the highly personalized user experience that is very important for gamers in today’s world. Both Royal Panda, as well as GetMega, offer a unique set of features that improve your gaming experience and help you win the maximum amount in each of the games you play. Yes, Royal Panda lacks in incentivizing the players with a small token of acknowledgment at the time of joining or referrals, it still remains a top choice for many.

GetMega has become a top name in India to play any kind of game online including carrom, poker, dots and dash, rummy, etc. Games offered by Royal Panda also include poker, arcade games, casino, etc. Try it yourself to see how fun it is to become a part of online gaming so get on board and enjoy a fun-filled gaming journey with real cash rewards.

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