Navratri Colors 2022 for Dress for 9 Navratri Nights

Navratri Colors 2022 for Dress for 9 Navratri Nights -When the festive season arrives, we sit pondering over the colours to wear in Navratri. From Sep 21 to Sep 29, why not dress up in the Navratri festival 9 colours and celebrate the many virtues of the Goddess? In a way, the 9 colours also stand for women in general.

After all, from protecting our children from harm to keeping the family happy to staying brave in all circumstances, women are true warriors! Here’s Durga Puja Wishes in Bengali

Navratri Colors 2022 for Dress for 9 Navratri Nights

Navratri, which literally means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit, ‘nava’ meaning nine and ‘ratri’ meaning nights, is the celebration of Goddess Durga in her nine forms on the scheduled nine days as per the Hindu Calendar. This year the traditional Hindu festival of Sharad Navratri, will commence from September 21, Thursday and will end on September 29, Friday. Here’s Happy Dussehra whatsapp status

Navratri is a multi-day festival celebrated in honour of Goddess Durga. During this festival on nine auspicious nights, people celebrate by keeping a fast, hold dandiya nights and Garba. Well, when the festival is celebrated with so much pomp and zeal, how can one avoid the fashion quotient.

Navratri Colors 2019 Day Wise

you will find out about the kind of color the dresses, that have to be to go with the theme of each auspicious day

Navratri Colour of Day 1 – Yellow

The color that represents energy and happiness, is an appropriate color to start Navratri for the year 2019.

Navratri Colour of Day 2 – Green

On the second day of Navratri, let us celebrate the feeling of Eco-Friendliness with light and dark shades of color Green. Green in all its shades resembles soothing, harmony and fertility and so it is called the color of nature.

Navratri Colour of Day 3 – Grey

With this color, you can balance the accessories, shoes etc as the color Grey looks best with heavy dark accessories.

Navratri Colour of Day 4 – Orange

The color that radiates energy and is also associated with emotions. As per the report by NDTV, the day 4 of Navratri can be celebrated with this bright shade. Orange color also represents creativity and enthusiasm.

Navratri Colour of Day 5 – White

The color that signifies perfection, purity and peace is perfect for Navratri. White outfits would do even well at the workplace. Wearing a white color dress or saree on day 5, will certainly boost your energy and your day will be soothing.

Navratri Colour of Day 6 – Red

A perfect color theme for any Hindu festival in India that signifies power and brightness. So on the day 6 of Navratri, let beautiful long red color dress on a graceful persona catch all eyes.

Navratri Colour of Day 7 – Royal Blue

A royal blue color outfit makes you feel good. Apart from being the common color of casual wear among youths in colleges, people also wear this color on the festive days.

Navratri Colour of Day 8 – Pink

If you are fond of color Pink, let yourself blossom with this playful, sweet, and cute color this Navratri. For all the mothers especially, it’s a day to look the best by matching outfits with babies/children.

Navratri Colour of Day 9 – Purple

Let us celebrate the last day of Navratri with the color that symbolizes luxury and power. Purple will be a right pick for the 9th day of Navratri.

Now that you know the Navratri days colours for nine days, get started already. This is the festival of new beginnings, and what is Navratri festival if not a harbinger of hope, faith and love? Enjoy dressing up this Navratri in the nine colours embodying the wonderful spirit of a woman!

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