Neatspy Review: The Best Cheating App 2021

Relationships can be tricky if you don’t know your partner well. You will hear about a cheating case every day, and they always end up the same way. There are a lot of heartbreaks, regrets, and insults, among other nasty things.

In 2020, you can prevent such by catching a cheater in the act. We all have phones now, and they assist in communication. Since the cheater will also use it to conduct business, you will use it to get them.

How? By using a cheating app on their phone. Let’s see how one of them works and how you can use it to get someone’s cheating ways.

Part 1: Using Neatspy on the Cheater’s Phone

We are in the age where you don’t need to follow someone to know where they go. It’s also time-consuming to wait for when your partner is asleep to get hold of their phone. Solving that is easy when you have Neatspy application on their phone.

It’s one of the best applications on the market for a good reason. The first one is that the cheater will have no clue about what is happening. Why? Because Neatspy knows how to hide from the targeted phone.

It uses the stealth mode to do that. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a feature that helps Neatspy hide the icon after the setup. Second, you don’t need to alter the cheater’s phone in any way before using the application.

This solution will not require any rooting or jailbreaking tricks to proceed. It already has the cutting-edge technologies to exclude the need for such schemes. That leaves you with a simple way to set it up, which takes less than five minutes.

The solution works on both Android and iOS devices. The setup process will depend on what the cheater is using. In Android, you will install the application once and then access the results remotely. For iOS, the app uses the iCloud ID to fetch the phone’s data.

You can visit this site to see Neatspy features and how they all work. Once the setup is complete, here is a highlight of what you will get from the cheater’s phone.

Part 2: Neatspy Cheater Catching Features


This is the feature that uncovers all the sent and received messages from the targeted phone. Neatspy will show them all together with the contacts, timestamps, and any attached files. In the iOS platform, you will even see what the cheater deleted.

Contacts and Call Log

Who called, and who was called? All this information will be available under the call log information. The contact details, timestamps, and call durations will also be there. Under the contacts specification, you get every contact saved on the phone.

Social Media

We are currently using apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, among others. Under this category, Neatspy will capture all the social activities and bring them on board. The messages, contacts, timestamps, and attached files will be on your control panel.

Installed Applications

If the cheater has third-party apps, this is the feature that captures them all. You can click on the icons there to see what is happening under those applications.

Photos and Videos

If you want to catch the cheater with third-parties, these features will show you all the stored pictures and videos. Neatspy also allows you to download them if you need some evidence later.

Keylogger Reports

This specification captures all the typed keystrokes on the cheater’s phone. The records are arranged in log files according to the demanding applications. If you want to get the FB password, for example, this is the feature for you.

There are more than 35 features on Neatspy’s dashboard. That is why we urge you to visit the main website for more information. The best part is that you can view the updates no matter where you are. The dashboard is fully compatible with all browsers, that’s why.

As you capture the evidence remotely, Neatspy will be protecting you from unauthorized access. It does that by syncing the information to your account when you access it. That implies it doesn’t store any information if you are not viewing it.

Part 3: How to Catch the Cheater Using Neatspy Solution

What You Require

  1. The Android should have OS version 4.0 and above
  2. In iPhones, Neatspy will work with iOS 7.0 or later
  3. Internet connection
  4. A valid email address

Steps to Get the Cheater

Step 1: Create an account on Neatspy’s website. You will only need your email address and a chosen password for that. Next, choose the cheater’s phone OS and proceed to purchase one of the subscription plans.

Step 2: You will later receive a confirmation email with all the details you need to set up the application. In Android, the email will contain a download link.

Step 3: For the iOS, login to your account after the email. Input the cheater’s iCloud credentials and then select the phone in use. After that, wait for the Neatspy and iCloud syncing to complete.

Step 4: In Android, use the email link to install Neatspy once on their phone. Ensure that you activate the stealth mode to hide the app. Next, wind up the application and log into your account remotely.

Step 5: When you re-access your account, the control panel will reveal all the phone’s information.

To start retrieving it, use the links in the left menu.


Catching a cheater is easy when you have something that is working for you. This is the era where you don’t need to only depend on the neighbors’ and friends’ information. That will take a lot of time before finally getting them.

When you have Neatspy on their phone, it will deliver everything you need. After a day or two, you will have all the details you need to confront the liar. Proceed to the main website and create an account.

The best part is that you will get them unaware.

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