How to Paginate PDF Documents Online for Free?

A lengthy PDF, without proper page numbers, is nothing but a mess. It takes a lot to manage such PDFs. If an improperly paginated PDF is used for business purposes then no one can stop a disaster from happening. 

This is why one must be aware of a viable way to add page numbers to the PDF document. 

If you’re looking for a ready-to-help and hassle-free online PDF pagination process then we have something that might interest you. 

In this crisp post, we’ll throw light on one of the most reliable and widely used online tools for this job. It’s going to be an interesting read to stay tuned. 

CocoDoc – Helping Everyone with Same Ease

For those who haven’t heard about CocoDoc before, it is an online PDF editor allowing you to do tons of things, out of which, adding page number to the PDF is an important one. 

With the help of this tool, one can sort the PDF documents by adding the page numbers on them and arranging them properly. 

Before you, millions of people, from 190 countries, have already given it a try. Gladly, none was disappointed and why would they be? It has been designed by using the world’s finest AI and OCR technology. Hence, there are no scopes of errors, delays, or any other hassles. 

Seeing such immaculate performance, online platforms like iLounge, Tech Times, and CNET have praised CocoDoc multiple times. Now that it’s clear by choosing CocoDoc one chooses quality services, let’s find out its assistance delivery in paginate the PDF documents. 

See these steps:

  • Visit the CocoDoc website or download the tool on the targeted device, upload the targeted PDF, and wait till this happens.
  • Select the PDF page which you want to number, choose “Edit PDF” options, and then select the “Number Pages” options. Place the page number at the desired location and save the changes.
  • The PDF is ready to use. You can save it on the cloud or download it on your device. It is sharable as well. Over a single click, you can share it with other teammates.

That was pretty easy, wasn’t it?

CocoDocs can also be used for other PDF related operations while varying the above-listed steps a bit, for example – how to reduce PDF size.

Why CocoDoc?

Impeccable security, sharing, working, or uploading PDFs that contain sensitive information, without enough security, is the study of the highest level. 

Such PDFs are easy targets for internet thugs. All PDFs, especially the ones that are used for business purposes, must be backed with robust security features.

On the security front, it’s hard to beat CocoDoc. It uses one of the best security standards for your PDFs. There are SSL certificates, 256-Bit encryption, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.

With all these features, CocoDoc is fully resilient and will keep your business-critical PDFs safe from all kinds of online hazards:

  • Zero-hassle assistance

CocoDoc is the least demanding online tool one it comes to set-up and installation. It is a web-based tool that can be at your service using a device or browser. No special assistance is required. It is compatible with all leading OS and devices. 

Whether you own an Android tablet or a Windows-based laptop, CocoDoc is all set to help you out. 

The cherry on the cake is its simplified interface. Using it is so simple that even a first-timer can accomplish the job like a pro. It doesn’t want you to be a pro at technical stuff.

  • Editing of premium grade

While working on PDF, adding page numbers is not the only kind of editing that one might need. There are a couple more. 

Regardless of the type of editing, CocoDoc is here to help you out. With this single tool, one can easily add or delete the PDF pages, compress the size, and merge the PDFs.

To make your PDFs more desirable and need-specific, this online tool lets you add text & images, insert the digital signatures, rotate the PDFs, change the PDFs into any desired format, and watermark the PDF. 

In short, whatever are your requirements, at the editing front, CocoDoc is here to help you out. No other assistance is needed.

  • Hundreds of free templates

With CocoDoc, generating PDF in a specific format is no longer a tedious job. All thanks go to its assorted pre-made PDF templates. These templates can cater to a wide range of business requirements over a single click. 

Wait! The good news is yet to come. 

These templates are highly customizable which means any added detail or information can be added furthermore. With this facility, CocoDoc lets you shape the PDF file as per your wish. It holds great significance for business-related purposes.

The Best ROI

Despite offering so many facilities and features, CocoDoc doesn’t rip off your pockets. Its assistance is probably the most cost-effective one in the domain of PDF editing. 

Firstly, it offers a 14 day long free trial without compromising the features and facilities. Yes, you read it right. Unlike other free trials, CocoDoc’s free trial is full of features and lets you explore them in full swing. This is why it’s free trial is the best in the market.

Secondly, those who will go for its paid subscriptions will be able to enjoy very cost-effective service. Its premium packages cost only $12 per month and offer high-end assistance. 

Organizations and professionals can go for their business subscription which will cost $25 per month. At such an affordable cost, one can enjoy premium-grade PDF editing at zero hassle.

Before the final goodbye

There is nothing more beneficial than having properly paginated PDFs. With this, PDF sorting and management becomes a cakewalk. 

If you’re looking for a tech-infused way to add page numbers in the PDF document then try CocoDoc. It is the best in the market and is packed with every feature that is required for this job. 

Along with all these facilities, it offers an extensive suite of PDF editing features. In a nutshell, CocoDoc is here to make PDF editing, numbering, merging, and the like procedures effortless. We suggest you try it once and see its immense capabilities.

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