How to Write a Letter of Recommendation With a Template?

There are different ways to write a letter of recommendation with the template, but do you know how it can be written? If you already know, you can leave this information, but this article is just for you if you are looking for such a topic. 

Here we are going to let you know what you need to know about a letter of recommendation. Read this article till the end and find out everything that you were looking for and get to know how one can properly write a recommendation letter with the help of a template. 

What is a Recommendation Letter, and Why is it Important?

A recommendation letter helps you prove your skills and expertise in front of people as it works as a piece of evidence from your former academic institute, employer, or any other person with higher authority over you. 

It is an honest and unbiased evaluation that helps you find a better job when you think about quitting the old one, enables you to enroll in a good institute, and does a lot more for the sake of your benefit. Most of the time, this is written by a former superior employer to a potential employer, so they know your skills and knowledge in which areas you are good at. 

In simple words, we can say that a recommendation letter states everything about your performance and your capabilities at a personal and professional level. You will find samples of recommendation letter online to check out and choose the one that you think fits your needs in the proper sense. It is up to you whether you need to make necessary changes to it or not. 

This letter also lets the potential employer know about your behavior in the professional environment, how capable you are in dealing with challenging situations, and whether or not you were on good terms with the people you were working with previously. 

CocoDoc, as The Best Platform for Recommendation Letter Templates

From CocoDoc, you can gain access to your chosen template as a recommendation letter. You can check this and find out what you need to add in the one you are going to create or if the one you find here is perfect for your requirements, you can download it and fill in the necessary details. 

This PDF editor solution is the best thing one could ask for as there is no need to worry about the platform’s usage. Anyone can make it work without any trouble, so it’s stress-free and can be managed by everyone. With CocoDoc, you can solve many of your day-to-day documenting matters without any issue. 

Significant Elements of a Letter of Recommendation

Usually, a letter of recommendation should include the writer’s details such as their name, status, address where they live, or mail address, and other personal contacts. The writer should also mention their relationship with the referee and why they are suitable to be referred. The writer should also mention the responsibilities and position the referee held in their previous company. 

They should state how well the referee did while they were in the company. The writer should also state how long the referee worked with the firm, their promotion date, resignation date, and the date. The applicant’s excellent expertise and qualification can also be stated. They can write about the applicant’s experience working with them and their thoughts on the new appointment’s performance. 

Types of Recommendation Letters

A recommendation letter has many types, but some are more frequently used than others. Have a look at these enlisted types of recommendation letters that you should know about. 

Academic Letter of Recommendation 

An academic letter of recommendation is usually used by students during the process of registration. During admissions, most undergraduate and graduate schools like to see at least one, preferably two or three, recommendation letters for all the applicants that have applied for admission. 


These offer admission committees that may or may not be found in a college application, such as academic and work achievements, character references, and personal information. Scholarship and fellowship programs usually require recommendations, as well.

Character Reference

Character recommendations or character references are mostly utilized for housing accommodations, legal circumstances, child adoption, and other similar conditions where knowing about a person’s character is essential. Almost everyone wants this type of recommendation letter at some point in their life. 

These recommendation letters are written by past employers, landlords, business executives, neighbors, doctors, etc. The most suitable person differs based on what the letter of recommendation will be utilized for.

Employment Letter of Recommendation

These letters are an effective tool for people who are looking for a new job. These recommendations can be placed on a website, sent in with a resume, given when a candidate is filled out, utilized as a part of a portfolio, or provided during employment interviews. Most employers ask job applicants for at least three career references, and that’s the reason it’s a good idea for job seekers to have at least three recommendation letters in case needed. 

Employment recommendation letters contain employment history, job performance, work ethic, and personal skills. The letters are written by a former or a direct supervisor. Coworkers are also acceptable but not the best option to go for compared to employers or supervisors.

Where is the Letter of Recommendation Used?

A letter of recommendation is used in certain circumstances. Have a look at the enlisted situations where we use one. 

Job Seeking

Once someone is looking for a job, their former employer can send a letter of recommendation stating the expertise of the potential applicant. This letter is mainly written by a supervisor or higher executive on their old candidate looking for a new job. 

Seeking Special Favors

This kind of recommendation letter is sent by someone asking for favors in someone’s place, so they get hired for a job. The person who writes this letter should be well-known and have a great personality, so obviously, if they refer to someone, then the other party will not overlook the request. 

Application for Leadership Position

Though leadership means many things, it means to come up to the level of excellence and fulfill a role that serves others with purpose, commitment, and liability for those involved in the Leadership Application Process. Such letters are written when someone wants to apply for a higher position based on their academic or professional skills. 

Final Words

All the necessary details that one needs to know about writing a recommendation letter have been stated here. We hope that this informative article will help you a lot in writing one whenever you need to. While your primary concern is to grab the best sample offered for free, there is no other option than CocoDoc. 

This will serve your personal and professional needs in the best way possible. Try it out by visiting their website and let us know about your experience using the free template for the letter of recommendation here. 

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