Play PUBG Mobile Campus Championship and win Rs 50 Lakh As Prize Money

Play PUBG Mobile Campus Championship

Tencent Games has announced ‘PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018’ for college students in India between September 26 and October 21 with the finals being held in Bengaluru. The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018 in India is claimed to feature more than 1000 colleges from across over 30 cities across the country and has a prize money pool of Rs 50 lakh.

the competition “will feature more than 1000 colleges from 30+ cities across the country”. Sponsored by OPPO, the overall prize money stands at Rs 50 lakh which is distributed amongst several categories of championships. below we have provided steps to register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship – Summary

1) The competition will feature more than 1000 colleges from 30+ cities across the country.

2) Registrations will be open via the official website between September 7 and 23.

3) Squads of four player from any campus in India can participate and compete.

4) Four knockout rounds including the semi-finals will shortlist the final 20 teams to compete for the ultimate trophy at the grand finals.

5) the tournament will commence on September 26 and run through October 21, 2018. The final will take place in Bengaluru.

6) Valid only for college Students. Use Latest Version of PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 and use these PUBG secret tricks to win the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship.

Participants must enroll as squads (team of four players) from any campus in India in order to compete. There will be four knockout rounds, including the semi-finals, and 20 teams will be shortlisted for the finals to compete in the finale. Make sure you have the best players on your team to win the grand prize.

Prizes in PUBG Mobile Campus Championship

At the finals, the various awards which have been categorised are as follows.

–  MVP – Best player with maximum MVPs

– The Executioner – Player with maximum kills

– The Medic – Person with highest number of revives

– The Redeemer – The one who has most health restored

– The Rampage Freak – The one who manages to do maximum kills in a lobby.

– The Lone Ranger – Longest survivor

How to register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship

In order to participate in this tournament, a Squad rosters must consist of at least four players who are students of any college in India for current year i.e. 2018-2019. Squads are only allowed to play with players on their roster with a registered game account. All roster changes must be made prior to the start of a cup. Playing with different players and/or illegal ringers will result in punishment. so below are the steps to register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship.

1) click here to register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship

2) Make sure you are college student as this is valid only for college students

3) Click on proceed and now here you need to enter all details like college name, roll number etc.

4) after that click on sign up to register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship

Every participant who decides to participate in this tournament

1. Must be an Indian.
2. Must be older than 15 years.
3. Must be part of any of the college for a current calendar year.
4. Must have a college id with Registration Number.

Since its launch, PUBG Mobile became the most popular smartphone game across the globe (except for China) and it has crossed 10 million daily active users. With such a competition set to undergo, the popularity of the game will undoubtedly skyrocket further.

So register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship and win some Money just By Playing register PUBG Mobile Campus Championship.

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