Pokemon Go Tricks, Tips And Hacks – How to play Pokémon Go

As the world’s obsession with Pokémon Go and trying to “be the very best” continues to crescendo, you might have some questions about how to get started in this crazy game. Whether you’re wondering how to get Pikachu Gold, how to throw a curve ball, what the heck the Ingress hack is or just how to catch one of the darn things, we’re here to help.

The new app is Pokemon Go. It’s an iPhone and Android game that you’ve probably seen mentioned all over Facebook, Twitter, Reddit… heck, your coworkers are probably even playing it and talking about it in between meetings. So, here’s everything you need to know to catch ’em all.

Everyone has heard of Pokemon. It’s a franchise that involves fictional creatures called Pokemon, which humans – known as Pokemon Trainers – try to catch and battle each other for sport. The franchise started as a Nintendo-published video game for the original Game Boy and eventually spawned into trading card games, animated TV shows, movies, comic books, and toys. Now, via Pokemon Go, it’s an augmented-reality game.

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go is a semi virtual reality game in which players can become pokemon trainers and hunt for virtual pokemons on their smartphones in real life locations. The game is so popular that it’s success can now be compared to twitter. The game is yet to launch in rest of the world as it is only available in select countries like US. But if you want to play pokemon GO outside US, you can simply install the Apk file and enjoy the game.

How do you get started with Pokemon Go?

Download Pokemon Go for iOS or Android. It’s free. Then, sign up for the game. You’ll need to use your Google account or create a Pokemon Trainer Club account. After signing up, you’ll customise your avatar. You can choose gender, eye colour, hair colour, clothes, and a backpack style.

After you’ve finished customising your avatar, you’ll get a starter Pokemon option. Three Pokemon will appear in front of you. You can choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Once you capture one, the other two will disappear. However, if you walk away from the original trio about four times, you’ll get Pikachu as a fourth starter Pokemon option. Once you’ve done this, you’ll enter the Pokemon Go map.

How To Download And Play Pokemon Go.

Go ahead and download Pokemon GO from the Google play store. The link is given below.Download From PlaystoreIf you live in a country where Pokemon GO is yet to be released, don’t worry because you can still download the APK file and install the game on your phone. You can therefore play this game anywhere in the world.

Download Button

At the start of the game, you’ll capture your first Pokemon, then you can catch others. Just walk around. You’ll eventually find Pokemon. They appear most often near Poke Stops, so visit your local landmarks, tourist spots, populated areas, etc. As you walk around, your avatar will move on the map using GPS. And when a Pokemon is nearby, it’ll appear on your screen with a vibration.

You can then tap the Pokemon to try to catch it. Tapping will zero-in on your avatar and launch an AR experience in which the Pokemon hops around your environment. Once you’ve found a Pokemon, throw a Poke Ball to catch it (tap and hold on your Poke Ball, and when the glowing ring shrinks, flick your Poke Ball at the Pokemon to hit its head and then release your finger).

Pokemon Go Tricks, Tips And Hacks.

These are some of the best pokemon go tricks for the world’s latest craze Pokemon GO.

1. Spoof GPS For Pokeballs.

If you want more Pokeballs, or want to play the game but don’t feel like walking around, you can use this trick to spoof your GPS location and enjoy the game from the comfort of your room.To do so, you need a rooted android phone.
Next you need A GPS spoofing app. You can download it from the link below. But be aware that your account may be suspended or banned by Niantic.

Download From Playstore

2. Get Pikachu For Start.

Pokemon Go offers Chalmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur to you when you start the game. But if you want Pikachu as your starting pokemon, you can follow this simple little pokemon go tricks.
Do not select any pokemon when offered. But instead of this, walk around in your area. Return to the same place about 5 times and you will see Pikachu as your 4th option as your starter pokemon.

pikachu pokemon go


3. Catch Pokemons Effectively.

Another Important in pokemon tricks and tips, If you are  new player and want to catch pokemons more effectively, this simple little trick will definitely help you. You can be better at catching pokemons if you tap and hold on the Poké ball. It is important in pokemon tricks and tips. Doing this makes a green ring appear on the pokemon and it becomes a definite hit. long press pokemon go

4. Use Incense.

If you have some free time that you want to spend playing pokemon Go, you can use incense. It will make pokemon appear more for 30 minutes and you can level up your character and fill your Poké Dex. There are 2 free incense in your bagpack.incense pokemon go

5. When You Run Out Of Incense.

If you run out of incense, follow this simple trick to get the same result. Go to the nearest most populated Poké stop where people might a lure module. Another important in pokemon tricks and hacks. It works same is the incense but lures pokemon to the area. You can benefit from this as well.lure module pokemon go

In conclusion, these are the best pokemon Go tricks and hacks. Enjoy this game with your friends. If you want any help, or have any suggestions, or simply share your views about Pokemon GO tricks with us in comments below.

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