PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update: Top 5 features

The Season 12 theme has already been implemented within the game and is titled ‘2gether We Play’. But, the Season 12 perks and items will go live on March 9. PUBG Mobile on March 3 released its 0.17.0 update to all iOS and Android users. The update brings back its Hardcore Mode, along with many new additions like the amusement park mode, death replay feature and a new theme.

Top 5 features in PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update

Tencent Games has also announced that it will start PUBG Mobile’s 12th season along with its second-anniversary celebration on March 9 and March 12, respectively. we have made a post for you for Pubg Names ideas and also you can use these PUBG secret tips to increase your winning changes in PUBG.

1) Amusement Park Mode

1) The new Amusement Park Mode will be made available from March 12.

2) This mode will be accessible via the Erangel map inside of the Classic Mode matches. In this players will be able to perform four activities: play a hunting game, space war game, shooting range game and trampoline.

3) The amusement park will also consist of arcade machines, which the players can play games on using tokens.

4) A reverse bungee machine will also be present there with which players will be able to launch themselves in the air and use a wingsuit to glide.

2) Season 12 Royale Pass

The Season 12 theme has already been implemented within the game and is titled ‘2gether We Play’. But, the Season 12 perks and items will go live on March 9.

With the new season, players will be given an option to choose between two sets of anniversary-themed items. The game is also offering a lot of in-game items to players purchasing the Season 12 Royale Pass.

For celebrating its second anniversary, the company has also made available an easter egg hunt, during which players can get special limited edition in-game items.

3) Death Replay

This new update also brings a Death Replay feature, which lets players watch how they were killed during the match. This will help them understand their faults better and play much more carefully from the next time onwards.

death replay in PUBG

The company states that this feature will also help players capture when another player is using cheats to take kills. With this, they can report the player to PUBG Mobile who will then take a closer look if any fair means were being used.

4) Hardcore Mode

The popular Hardcore Mode is making a comeback, in which players will have to perform all actions manually, from opening doors to picking up ammo for your weapons. There will be no sound prompts or footsteps making surprise attacks easier. To access the Hardcore Mode players will have to head to Arcade and find it.

5) Arctic Mode

Arctic Mode is a mode that has been heavily leaked for the past few days. It is now available in the EvoGround mode and is based on Vikendi. In it, players will have to deal with cold waves and keep themselves warm. They will also have to gather branches and sticks to light a fire, find shelters and hunt to eat. It is a survival mode that will test your tactical limits.

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