PUBG Vikendi Snow Map | How to Download

PUBG Vikendi Snow Map | Snowmobile, gameplay modes and new weapons – PUBG Vikendi Snow Map release date has been announced and while it has been made available on PUBG: Test Server for now, here are all the details of PUBG Vikendi Snow Map like Gameplay, new weapons and more. you can use these PUBG secret tips and tricks while playing in 
PUBG Vikendi Snow Map.

PUBG is slated to release the Vikendi map for Mobile, PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4. The Battle Royale game’s newest map is expected to introduce the snowmobile, besides new game modes and challenges.

how to download and play PUBG Vikendi Snow Map

Tencent Games recently released PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile 0.10.0 update, with which the added the Vikendi snow map onto its servers. However, the map wasn’t available for playing, but now the company has released a new update dubbed PUBG with a size of 3MB.

1)As of now, the Vikendi snow map beta version will be available for all Mobile users to enjoy.

2) It is not known when the map will be taken out of beta.

3) After the 3MB update, users will have to once again download Miramar and Sanhok maps if they want to play them.

4) If the players have already downloaded the map, Miramar will require an addition 0.6MB download and Sanhok will require a 0.2MB download.

5) This update adds the Vikendi (beta) map to the maps section, which has a download size of 134.2MB.

6) However, the map is currently not available to play as of now, it will become available for Mobile users to experience starting 5:30am IST on December 21.

PUBG Vikendi Snow Map Details

1)PUBG Mobile will receive its fourth map, the Vikendi snow map, within this week.

2) The latest map will not be exclusive to smartphones, as gamers will also be able to access it on PC, as well as PlayStation 4 as well as XBox One.

3) This means that the Battle Royale game now has four maps: Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and Vivendi.

4) With the new map, PUBG regulars can expect new challenges, improved character skins, different gameplay modes and weapons.

PUBG Vikendi Map: Expected release date, map layout and features

The latest map of PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will be the lone icy terrain that gamers will experience.

With the new map, one change from the other maps is the presence of dynamic clouds, that has been hinted at through the map’s official teaser video.

With the snowy Vikendi map, gamers can expect to find their own footprints, and that of others, on the land, besides the marks left by tire tracks.

Naturally, this will also mean that movement on the map will be slower going in comparison to Sanhok and the others.

Beta testers have also said that in the Vikendi map, users will be able to throw snowballs at one another while waiting to board the plane.

PUBG Vikendi Map: Snowmobile, Night mode feature

As driving regular automobiles would be difficult under the terrain, PUBG will introduce the snowmobile under the Vikendi map. A glimpse of the same will be provided by the official teaser video, and the two-seater automobile is expected to be available in different battle modes.

this map will also feature Night mode, that has already been seen on other PUBG Mobile maps. Over the course of missions, one can expect the Vikendi map to turn from daytime to night, or some missions can be exclusively played out in the dark.

PUBG Vikendi Map: G36C assault rifle, Survivor Pass details

With the upcoming Vikendi map, PUBG gamers will also receive a new weapon. While beta testers have spotted the SCAR rifle, PUBG has confirmed the inclusion of the G36C Assault Rifles for gameplay.

This, of course, will be added as exclusive gear, besides the Snowmobile. Of course, the PUBG Mobile Vikendi map is partnered with its Survivor Pass, that are expected to load onto servers on December 19.

Besides these changes, gamers will also notice a unique experience with red zone and blue zone. While the blue zone in the Vikendi map will be slower than that of other maps, PUBG gamers will find more zone variety and unique experiences during increased navigation. Also, the red zone size varies with the play zone, while the centre of the red zone located outside the gameplay region.

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