Root Android without PC- Full Details with Pictures

Root Your Android without PC – Hi guys, This post is about rooting your android device without PC.  First of all we need to know what ROOT is?

Root Your Android without PC

Basically rooting your phone gives you more access to your phone. When someone roots his/her phone,  he/she installs su binary in his/her device. Here su stands for Substitute User (commonly known as Super User). This binary lets user to  access all directories of his device.

Why root?  Root gives you access  to your System and data files of your device. So when you root Your Android can

• Remove unwanted system apps, (buh bye Bloatware apps. )

• Install apps as system apps,

• Edit your apps/games data(don’t you ever wish to have more coins in subway surfer? 

• adding/removing some features to your Android (if your phone firmware supports)

• Xposed (one of the coolest things that ever developed for Android)

• More customization

and list goes on and on….

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Your Rooted Android can’t – 

• Turn Your Android into IPhone

• Fly

• Swim

• Back flip.

Risks of Root 

Root is not as EVIL as some people promote but rooting your phone can void your warranty. Sometimes bootloop (Device stuck on boot logo)……..(Don’t worry! this mostly happens when you try to root with PC) SO below is how to Root Your Android without PC

Time To Root.  Requirements for Root:

  1. Android Phone

  2. Fast Internet

  3. Kingroot App

  4. Root checker app

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Steps to Root Android:

• Open android settings>about phone(or about device). Tap on Build Number 8-9 times a pop up will appear “You are now Developer “ or “Developer options are enabled. “

• Press back button once. Now you will see a new setting just above About Phone, Developer Option.

• Go to Developer Option. Tick USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking. (OEM Unlocking  may not be available, it depends on your Phone Manufacturer. )

Now Download Kingroot from here

• Install kingroot (check install from unknown sources if asked ).

• Open kingroot.  (you must be connected to Internet)  now it will verify if it supports your phone (don’t worry it supports many devices)

(p.s. other phone was used in this pic as above phone was already rooted.

• A pop up will show if your device is supported.

• Now click on root. It will take some time. (normally it takes 4-5 minutes. Time  can vary on your internet speed)  your device may reboot numerous time.

•If you succeed,  kingroot app will be showing screen similar to this. (if kingroot fails to root then try again)


Enjoy your rooted device now and don’t forget to allow root access to apps. :p

All Doubts and queries will be answered. just drop a it in comment box. 🙂 Do share this Trick with your Friends.

12 thoughts on “Root Android without PC- Full Details with Pictures”

  1. Hima nagendra janjanam

    stop posting such pathetic posts plz…..what is the main motive of this site..! following your suggestions will brick the device. then, you should through your phone into gutter.

    1. bro now a days almost every one is rooting their device, i am posting post how you can root your phone, as many visitors asked to do so, if you don’t want to root its ur choice, we are not forcing any one to root his/her phone

      1. Hima nagendra janjanam

        i’m not against this. Please refer to xda. bcz of soo many noobs on xda, the ROM developers are facing troubles. People with minimum knowledge and useless unstructions root their mobiles and end up with bricking. You just mentioned abt bootloop and u didn’t mention about bricking.

        I suggest you to explain the pro and con in detail so that they gain more knowledge. Main reason of blog is to aware people and not to give flash news….so, please explain about rooting, bricking, etc more in more detail so that people may not search for it anywhere else.
        I’m not against u, just suggesting you to be more specific

      2. Are you a developer? because you don’t sounds like one. if I had posted about brick and bootloop in details, it would have taken a lot time and confuse NEWBIES.
        and most of the custom firmware dev would prefer to install su in their firmware so I don’t think that my post would cause a problem to them.

        and this is what I posted
        Risks of Root

        Root is not as EVIL as some people promote but rooting your phone can void your warranty. Sometimes bootloop (Device stuck on boot logo)……..(Don’t worry! this mostly happens when you try to root with PC)


        In the end thanks for your suggestion . Brick and Bootloop was already in my list but now I’ll try to post about it as soon as possible.

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