How to Recover bricked Android Phone(Part 2)

Recover bricked android : Hi Guys in my last post we discussed about soft brick and its possible solutions. Today we will discuss about Hard Brick & Possible Solutions.

After Rooting your Phone you have accessed many new Features in your Android and if you know these tips and tricks for android your android run like a pro. you should also know these hacks to keep your Smartphone safe from Hackers.

Hard Brick happens when :

  • You Flash a rom which was not developed for your device.
  • You(or someone else) did something that corrupted Your device’s Partitions(System/data/cache/boot/dev etc.)
  • Hardware Issues. (you can’t blame software every time.)
  • Your phone can’t boot up or boot up with a blank screen. When you connect your phone with PC, PC can’t detect it.

Now This is what we call hard brick. In this condition your phone can b used as a paper weight only. (it has become a real brick now)

How to Recover bricked Android

If Hard Brick happened due to wrong firmware Seek For a Professional Help or use JTAG.

JTAG is a Protocol used in electronics Industry. Just like USB Protocol used for Data Transfer JTAG is used for directly communicate with CPU. Even Though your device is not able to boot-up from the internal memory/NAND/eMMC JTAG access still available through JTAG Protocol .

Accessing JTAG and re-writing Boot partitions to your device internal Memory/NAND/eMMC will revive your phone , phone will be able to boot-up and will be revived. 

You may find JTAG pins visible either under your device’s battery or near its SIM / MicroSD card holder. The pins are hidden. You may have to dismantle your phone’s back cover. The JTAG pins are usually six gold pins clustered close to each other.

You use a special hardware JTAG box which comes with a vast array of cables (different cables for different types of devices), plus specialized software specifically made for your device model. (There exist generic catch-all JTAG boxes that can be loaded with specific microcode instructions for your particular manufactured board.

The tricky part is getting the exact microcode for your device’s circuit board. If you use the wrong microcode, it can cause permanent damage.)

The microcode instructions are emitted by the JTAG box attached to the cable, clipped in position on top of the JTAG pins. The box sends a signal to your device to revive it. Now an appropriate firmware image can be flashed to your device.

This is a highly specialized topic. A background in electrical engineering can be handy, to know which pins are used for ground (GND), transmit (TX), receive (RX) and power (PWR). The power is the important one: if the battery is dead, power can still be fed into your device.

You can buy JTAG boxes online, but they tend to cost a couple hundred US dollars or so. It’s because of differing manufacturers with different types of cables, and different arrangements of on-device JTAG pins.

(Source: Stack exchange)

  1. If it happened due to hardware problems  change that hardware if  possible. again look for professional help.

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