Bricked Android and How to Recover it! (Part 1)

Hi Guys, I hope you have successfully rooted your device. Now before you do anything. You should learn something important. If you did some research regarding root you may have faced some words like soft brick, Bootloop and hard brick. We are going to talk about it today.

Bricked Android and How to Recover it!

your Android smartphone being severely dead, broken or bricked can never be fully restored. However, many users mistakenly take the ‘brick’ concept by wrong. A dead phone is not always bricked, so you should try every possible solution to recover important data from a seemingly bricked Android phone by yourself.

Bricked phone means your phone is no more functional so it is just like a brick(stone).

There is pretty good chance to Recover your phone.

In this post we will discuss about Soft Brick.

Soft Bricks normally happens when you flash a rom or mess up with System/data/cache partition. 

if your phone boots up and power down again or stuck on boot i.e. BootLoop(phone hangs at Android/Manufacturer logo) or enters in recovery mode every time you power it on,  it is soft brick.

here is an example of Bootloop.

It is a software failure and can easily be recovered. 

Solutions for soft brick:

  1. First of all relex.

  2. Reboot your phone into recovery mode.(rebooting into recovery differs from phone to phone.So  Google  it or drop a comment I’ll help you.) do Wipe data/factory reset. and clear cache. Reboot.

3. does it solve?   if no proceed to next option. 

Flash your phone’s Official firmware. (Again flashing differs from phone to phone and I can’t write about all phones. So better search it on Google or XDA or drop a comment.)

Not so much friendly guide!  I can’t help  with it. There are so many manufacturers and chipsets and everyone has a different method So I would have ended up writing a book if I had written all.

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