These Are The Most Secure Apps For Texting: Top 3 Services

Messages have become an integral part of one’s life. You may not know that, but 41 million messages are shared in one minute globally, and this message exchange is happening using the messaging app.

Messaging apps are so omnipresent that their end-user number will touch the mark of 3 billion by the end of 2022. Around 36% of messaging app users have a minimum of two messaging apps installed on the phone.

While no one can raise eyebrows on the utility of messaging apps, the odds of data leak and information misuse are high if you’re not using a secure app. 

We dug deeper and hand-picked the best messaging apps for you. Have a look at them.

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What Makes a Messaging App Secure

Before we talk about the selected best secure messaging apps, let’s find out the traits that make a texting message app safe and worth trusting.

  • End-to-end encryption is the key security feature that all secure text messaging apps should feature. It makes the information secure enough that no one other than the users involved in the process can decrypt this.
  • Up next in the list is a zero-log feature. A text messaging app that keeps no user log reduces the odds of data stealing and grants ultimate peace of mind.
  • Messaging apps offering multi-mode communication allow the end-user to prefer any communication means.

Note: A few anonymous messaging apps have amazing features to keep your identity secure on the platform. However, they do not clarify how your data is saved, managed, and used. So, going anon is no guarantee of security.

Top 3 Super-Secure Messaging Services

App #1 – WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used personal texting message apps. More than 2 billion people are using WhatsApp today. Though it has been a preferred choice to many, it implemented end-to-end encryption much later, in 2016.

It’s free to use the app and stands strong at the security front with military-grade encryption, privacy policy, and no–log practice offerings. None of the end-user data is saved on the WhatsApp servers. No wonder why WhatsApp is considered the best among the most secure messaging apps.

App #2 – Signal

The Signal is a globally recognized secure messaging app, giving the end-user the guarantee of protecting data and information exchanged during the communication. Mainly used for professional communication, this text messaging app was developed by Whisper System and later acquired by Twitter. It offers end-to-end communication encryption by default. The app is free to use and comes with compatibility with all the leading OSs.

The user interface is free from hassles and grants an ad-free experience. What makes Signal distinctive from other texting apps is its donation and grants-based operations. This is why you won’t find annoying affiliate marketing and user tracking while using Signal.

App #3 – Wire

Lastly, we have Wire, the most secure messaging app used for collaboration. Here also end-users get to enjoy end-to-end by default. This messaging app is very transparent while working. This is why many leading businesses use it for team collaboration.

What makes Wire – one of the top encrypted messaging apps – stand out in the market is its ability to offer distinctive encryption keys for every message. So, the burden on overall encryption is reduced. Its source code is offered freely on GitHub. Anyone can inspect and verify it. It supports file sharing, group chats, timed conversations, and conferencing. It’s offered in paid and free versions.

Ending Notes

Using the most popular messaging apps has become more than a necessity in the survival of today’s digital world. As one would be exchanging personal and business information using these texting apps, it’s crucial that they are secure and don’t put user data at stake. 

The article featured crisp secure messaging apps comparison and will help you pick the best encrypted messaging app. Make a choice and enjoy secure messaging.

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