How To Set Airtel Hello Tunes In Free Of Cost [Any Song]

Here in this post we have listed All The Possible Method To Set Airtel Hello Tunes In Free Of Cost. We have added how to set Airtel Hello Tunes for Postpaid Numbers also. You can set Airtel Hello Tunes with name also.

If You Are a Airtel User There Is Good News For You Now Set any Song, whether it’s Bollywood, International or Regional, Airtel has got access to all the songs and it let’s user to set as Hello tune and that too, as of now, absolutely free. This offer is valid only for Airtel prepaid customer. Check out our full steps “How To Set Airtel Hello Tunes In Free Of Cost [Any Song]”.

How To Set Airtel Hello Tunes In Free Of Cost

1) First of all dial 5787809 From your Airtel Number.

2) Select your language, Then Press 1 To Subscribe Airtel Hello Tune Service.

3) Confirm Your Activation Request By Pressing 5.

4) After Subscribing Airtel Hello Tune Service Wait for 30 Min to get fully activated.

5) After getting confirmation message, You will fully activated to use this service.

6) You can check it by calling to your Airtel number from your another number.

7) That’s it!! Enjoy Free Airtel Hello Tunes Services.

8) If You Want To Deactivate this CallerTune Then  Simply Sms STOP to 155223.

How To Change Hello Tunes In Airtel

By this way Your airtel free callertune service is activated for free but you get only free songs . For changing Your Hellotunes you just Have to invest 15 Rs / 90 Days Subscription of 2.5 Year is Free . It means you don’t pay the hellotune /Callertune monthly Charges.

How to Set airtel caller tune with name

Airtel has launched Name Tunes,  personalized Hello Tune service that enables you to personalize your caller tune with your own name. Airtel mobile customers can stamp their caller tune with their own identity by following a simple process that allows them to search and set their name as their Hello Tune.

  • First SMS NT <space><first name=””> to 543215 (TollFree)
  • Choose from search results of names are presented and set the same as Hello Tune
  • The current “Name” catalogue on this service comprises of over 4,500+ common Indian first names and expected to expand further on a daily basis depending upon customer usage.

So next time when any one calls you rock them with your new hello tune. Have you tried this service? do comment your experience using it.

How To Set Airtel Hello Tunes using Website

Airtel Hellotunes brings to you an exciting way to entertain your callers. Do away with the boring old ‘Tring Tring’ and greet your callers with your favorite tunes. With airtel hellotunes you can set popular tunes as your hellotunes and make your callers groove to your favorite tune.

Select from the largest collection online across categories like Bollywood, Regional, International, Whacky Sounds, Pure Instrumental and much more. Follow a simple three step process and set your favorite number as your hellotunes.

  • Visit Here for airtel hellotunes website
  • Hit the ‘Get it’ icon next to your favorite tune
  • Enter your airtel mobile number to get a password (OTP) for the tune
  • Enter the password received on your mobile and the tune gets set as your hellotunes

How To Set Airtel Hello Tunes for Postpaid Numbers

Now you can communicate, whenever you want to, not just in plain words, but also in more exciting, innovative yet simple new ways. Choose from our range of services, to do more with Airtel.

Welcome your callers with your favorite song when they call you. You can play different Hello Tunes for different callers, set special hello tunes for your friends, spouse and business associates.

  • Dial 543211 to choose the song of your choice
  • Subscription for new customers Rs.36/- for 30 Days, Rs.15/download(valid 90 days).
  • Customers who are already active on Hello Tune will be charged Rs.15 for 90 days for song download.
  • To Unsubscribe ,call 543211808 or SMS STOP to 543211

So these are some methods to set Airtel Hello Tunes. If you know any other method to set Airtel Hello Tunes comment below and we will add those methods in this List.

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