SharkID App Trick to Get upto Rs 25305 Paytm Cash

SharkID App Trick : Another new app to earn paytm cash named SharkId App. you will Rs 7 free paytm cash for each refer. This a trusted app which have paid lots of other users previously. SharkID Is Genuine & Well Know App, Again They Started Referral Campaign In Which You Will Get Rs.7 Paytm Cash Absolutely Free Just By Referring One Friend,

The Best Part Of The Campaign Is You Wil Get 3X Earning, User Can Earn Rs.25000 Easily By Referring Your 15 Friends Only & The Redemption is Instant Directly In Your Registered Paytm Number. Check The Calculation Of 3X Earning Upto Rs.25000 At The End Of The Article.

SharkID is a free smart phone-book app available for iOS as well as android smartphones. Switch from your native phone-book to a smarter real time phone-book, SharkID to auto update your contacts, create and share business cards, brand dialing, connect to people around you and a lot more.

SharkID App Trick to Get Rs 7 Paytm Cash per Refer

1. Click here to download SharkID App

2) install and open the app.

3) Accept The Terms And Conditions By Clicking On The Box

4) Now click on I Agree Button shown below.

5) Next put your mobile number and verify it with OTP.

6) Now put the details asked by them and choose your SharkID.

7) Next once you fill all those details skip the process asked by them.

8) Now Go To Menu From Top Left Side & Click On Offers/Deals Tab

9. Click On 3 Line -> My Profile – Add Your Profile Image, Mobile Number, Email (Must To Eligible For Referral Campaign)..

10. Here You Will See Terms To Invite Friends In This Offer.

SharkId App Online Refer Script

SharkId App Online Refer Script, We are suggesting that you should not use any script to refer, rest is on you. Many sites are providing sharkid online refer script, but please do not use sharkid refer script.

How to Track your Referral Statistics?

So once you start referring or inviting friends, you can check the referrals count or network statistics very easily. Just follow the given steps.

  • Open Sharkid App.
  • Click Menu >> Offers / Deals.
  • Select Refer Once, Earn Forever Offer.
  • At the bottom bar, select Status option.

  • There you can see the Referral Statistic Table. Keep track on it and refer more and more friends.

  • You can also check your Network by going to Menu and Clicking on My Network Option.

Important Terms & Condition Of SharkID Refer Once Earn Forever

1) A User Need To Refer At least 3 Friend In Order To Eligible For Network Earning.

2) User Require To Refer At Least 1 New Friends Every Month.

3) Use SharkID Daily, Payment Can Be Redeemed Within 48 Hours.


  • Click on menu option and choose Referral Option.
  • Click on invite option and get your referral link from there.
  • Share it with friends and earn Rs 7 for each refer.
  • You can refer maximum 20 friends and earn up to Rs 25003 Free paytm cash.
  • Paytm cash will be send within 2 hours of registration

3X Earning – Upto Rs.25000 Via 15 Friends

  • Just Like A Network, You Can Earn When Your Refer.
  • You Can Earn When Your Friend Refer.
  • You Can Also Earn When Your Friend’s Friend Refer.

In this offer we expect a new user to refer 15 friends in 1 year period. 3 friend in first month & 1 Friend every month thereafter. Old users who have referred 3 friends in past have to refer just 1 friend/month. Easy, right?
If you, your friends & their friends refer 15 friends each, your network would refer 3615 users as shown below.

Who Refers Average Refers per user Total Referrals
You 15 15
Your 15 Friends 15 225
Your 225 Friend of Friends 15 3375
Total Referral


UNIQUE IDENTITY: Make your name your brand identity. Create a six to ten character unique identity (which is on SharkID. This ID becomes an all access card to your contact details, business details and social media accounts.

AUTO UPDATING PHONE-BOOK: Get rid of the hassle of adding new contacts, merging duplicate contacts, removing dead entries and old contact details.

BUSINESS CARDS: Create Personal Card and multiple Business Cards on SharkID as per your requirement. Add your contact details and link your social media accounts. Share your business card digitally just by sharing your SharkID.

NEARBY: Easily search for people near you to connect to them and share personal cards and business cards. Nearby feature on SharkID is GPS, NFC, Bluetooth enabled.

BRAND DIALING: Get an extensive list of brands with their contact details by typing and searching

ADD ON FEATURES: Receive notifications about updates from the people you Favorite or Follow. Block and Mark as Spam features to enhance privacy and avoid unwanted calls. For the contacts you don’t Follow, their card gets auto updated silently in the background so next time you look for their contact details, it is accurate.

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  1. Can u tell me this tricks really work or not nd i read in play store cmnts Shark id comnts that if 20 users are active thn u r eligible for paytm money. So aap btaynge ki jinko rfr krnge wo app phone mei hi rkhe

  2. Comment: plzzz add me some money to my. paytm account 8762867562 plzzz. someone add money plzZz

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