What sports are all Indian businessmen fond of

Many of us love sports. For a long time, he always accompanied a person and was firmly entrenched in his life. Some of its types have changed a lot since the moment they were created. But one thing remained unchanged. Some types of sports have been and remain the privilege of successful and wealthy people. We will tell you about a real sport for aristocrats. Perhaps you can join him for a long time, you just did not know about it.

Indian businessmen are also fond of some kinds of sport. In general business and sport are always stand together. Besides the healthy lifestyle becomes more and more popular. Those who can’t play can use Parimatch website to watch games.

Golf, croquet and cricket

A bit of history: in fact, the main game of millionaires today originated in the 15th century, and Scottish shepherds invented it. But after three hundred years golf passed into the hands of high society, and the first tournament took place another hundred years later. The essence of the game is for the player to complete a certain number of holes (usually 18) in a certain order. There may be various obstacles on the playground: bushes, trees, sand embankments, small, very shallow, lakes. In addition to the basic rules, there is the so-called golf etiquette, for violation of which you will not be given penalty points, but they will certainly look askance. The charter includes issues of safety, fairness, and the safety of the playground.

An analogue of golf, but with minor modifications is croquet. Also, the main goal is to move the ball across a field measuring 32 by 25 meters, but not through the holes, but through small arch-gates to the center, where a small peg is installed, which must be touched. One of the two sides, which is the first to bring its ball to the center, wins.

Cricket appeared in the south of England. This game acquired a truly orderly character after the first written set of rules for players known to us appeared in 1744 — it was undoubtedly based on some even earlier, now lost document. Today there is ample evidence that cricket was played as early as the 16th century, and the gradual development of this game continued, apparently, over the previous three centuries.

Until now, cricket is considered the national summer sport of Great Britain, however, it became popular not only in the British Isles, but also in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (until 1961), the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and some European countries — in particular, the Netherlands and Denmark. To a somewhat lesser extent, cricket is played in many parts of Canada and the United States.


Like golf, it was also not originally born as a game of the rich and famous. The game was invented in the 11th century in various European monasteries. According to the original rules, the ball was hit by hand, then special bats appeared. And already in the 16th century, which was the peak of the game’s popularity (the then royal families took the game for themselves), the usual rackets and the net appeared.

The essence of the game is to ferry the ball to the other side of the net so that the ball touches the court within its boundaries, but cannot be hit by another player. It is still considered a game for wealthy people nowadays as sports equipment costs good money. Also, wealthy Indian businessmen do not bypass equestrian sports, yachting and football. Pehlwani, also known as kushti, occupies a special place in the hearts of Hindus.

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