Things to Know for a Newbie to Start Betting Online

If you decide to open the world of online betting for yourself and try a new kind of activity, read the following pieces of advice to ensure a fruitful and enjoyable beginning of your betting career.

1) Choose a bookmaker

Nowadays, the number of online bookmakers is huge. It is complicated to pick a trusted one. If you want to play with pleasure and benefit, as well as be sure of bookmaker trustworthiness, visit the website

For those who want to start betting on sports, you need to decide on a bookmaker. Some bookmakers offer various bonuses just for registration or making the first deposit. But, if you plan to play for a long period, promotions are the last criterion to analyze. First, pay attention to:

  Reliability and legality of the BC.

  The value of coefficients in comparison with the quotes of other bookmakers.

  The selection of sports disciplines and a wide list of tournaments.

  The variety of live bets.

  Convenience of placing bets on the bookmaker’s website and in a mobile application.

  Available payment methods to deposit your funds or withdraw money without fees instantly.

2) Pick a match to bet on

For a beginning player, it is important to decide on the sports discipline and a championship to bet on. There may be several tournaments, but the more competitions you try to cover, the less time there will be for analysis. As a consequence, the likelihood of accurate forecasts in sports betting is reduced. First of all choose:

  a discipline in which you are well-versed;

  a top championship;

  several popular clubs.

The main task of a newbie is to learn how to qualitatively analyze competing forces during at least some matches. A superficial study of opponents at a distance leads to losing the bankroll.

3) Determine the game bank

To bet on sports, limit your game bank. You must understand how much you can risk betting with bookmakers. Set a maximum pot drawdown so you don’t go over that limit and lose more than you can afford.

Choose the size of the bet based on the size of the pot. Allocate no more than 5% of the bankroll for one bet. By betting on a larger amount, you increase the risk of losing all your funds.

Remember that you can use only the money that is not critical to lose on bets. It should be free finance.

It is possible to bet without money (for free). That’s what virtual accounts are for. By betting in demo mode, bettors check their profitability at a distance and only then decide whether to bet for real money. Free betting is an excellent opportunity to try yourself and study the functionalities of new matches.

Tips to Bet Correctly for Beginners

1) Remember that profit in sports betting is not guaranteed. Even when betting on opposite outcomes with odds above 2.00, there is a risk.

2) In sports, you cannot be 100% sure even of the victory of a clear favorite. Quotes for winning a stronger team usually go in the range of 1.10-1.40 or even lower. With such coefficients, it is difficult to increase the pot.

3) Minimize the number of flash forecasts. Each flash prediction consists of two or more events. With one failure, the entire bet is lost. If you still play this type of bet, add no more than three outcomes to the coupon with odds below 2.00.

4) Do not try to win back immediately after a series of unsuccessful bets. When the pot is down, take a break, and figure out the reasons for these failures. Otherwise, you bet on emotions and risk losing your bankroll.

5) Find the best sports betting strategies for you and stick to them. First, test strategies in demo mode. When betting profitably, you can start using tactics to bet for real money.

6) Follow the chosen strategy and do not deviate from it in case of temporary setbacks. In the event that a player breaks his rules, chaos begins in his bets, which leads to bad results.

7) Avoid betting on the team you support. Personal preference can work against you since you’ll be biased in predicting the outcome of a match.

8) Do not make hasty live bets. Live betting events should be as carefully selected and analyzed as pre-match bets.

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