TikTok: 5 Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

TikTok is growing as a popular social media network with millions of users across the globe. By leveraging TikTok, you can create genuine and attractive short-form videos. Many creators are leveraging the channel to showcase their creative side to the audience. Some firms are using the network to grow their engagement rate and build their visibility globally. Though the platform has various benefits, only a few brands are using it in an effective way to boost their brand awareness.

If you aren’t utilising the TikTok landscape for your brands, you are missing out on an incredible chance to uplift their popularity online. Here, we have summed up some of the stats that will blow your mind.

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1) TikTok is enhancing as an engaging channel across the globe. According to research, the TikTok platform has more than 689 million active users worldwide. This stat shows that the network is gaining maximum engagement and visibility around the world. So, if you aren’t using TikTok, it’s the right time to step into it.

2) Currently, the TikTok application has been downloaded more than 2.6 billion times. This statistic depicts that the TikTok channel is gaining immense fame worldwide. Many firms and businesses are using the platform to increase their reach globally. Some brands also try out TikTok services at TikTokLove to uplift their popularity.

3) According to a study, 62% of TikTok users are between the ages of 10 to 29. By another survey, 7.1% of users on the TikTok channel are more than 50 years old. This statistic shows that the platform consists of a younger generation audience. So, if your brand’s target audience is youngsters, you can leverage the TikTok network to enhance their engagement rate and reach.

4) The users spend more than 52 minutes per day on the TikTok platform. This statistic shows that the TikTok landscape is massively engaging to the audience. The TikTok platform is well-known for its authentic and attractive content. By generating genuine videos, you can grab the attention of your audience seamlessly. Many brands tend to get more tiktok likes to upgrade their engagement on the growing TikTok platform.

5) Based on a study, more than 90% of users on the TikTok channel use the platform multiple times. It shows that the channel is highly engaging to the younger audience. Many brands and creators generate authentic content to boost their engagement rate and grow their visibility on the platform. If you are looking to grow your engagement, TikTok is the right channel for you.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is an attractive social media platform for Generation Z and young Millennials. Many firms and creators opt for the TikTok platform to grow their reach and enhance their recognition in the growing competitive social media world. Some brands try out services at TikTokLove to build their reputation on TikTok. The platform is growing its popularity across the globe, and brands can try it to upgrade their reach.

As a brand, if you aren’t using TikTok, you are ignoring a potential tactic to grow your popularity online. In this article, we have highlighted some of the stats that you will need to consider. If you have any other thoughts, you can share them with us in the below comments.

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