Check How Much Time You Spend Watching YouTube Videos – In the blog post Google wrote, the new time watched tool will be accessible to users inside their accounts menu. Under this, users will be able to see how long they have watched videos on the platform today, yesterday, and over the past 7 days. we already posted How to Enable YouTube Dark mode in Android

In your account menu, there should now be a “time watched” profile that “tells you how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days.” All of this data is pulled from your watch history, but The Verge points out that time spent on YouTube Music and YouTube TV content does not count toward these numbers.

How Much Time You Spend Watching YouTube Videos

The new tool also gives you a statistic that indicates the average time per day you spend watching videos on YouTube, just in case you were curious about how much time you really waste at work watching goofy animal videos.

The new feature will be available under your account menu starting this week. The video service already has a number of other features such as break reminders and notification limitations to help you keep a track of time lest you end up spending (or wasting) one more day of your precious digital life.

Steps to Check How Much Time You Spend Watching YouTube Videos

Step 1: Open YouTube App in your Smartphone

Step 2: To access it, make sure you’re signed in to the YouTube app on Android or iOS

Steps 3:  tap your account icon at the top right

Step 4: tap on  “Time watched” to Check How Much Time You Spend Watching YouTube Videos 

In the Time Watched section of the YouTube app, which is available on both the Android and iOS versions of the app, you can see how long you’ve spent watching videos that particular day, the day before, and the previous 7 days.

You’ll also get a daily average. The stats aren’t just derived from time spent watching videos on mobile either — any time you watch YouTube videos and are signed in to your Google account, it’ll count towards the stats. YouTube Music and YouTube TV, however, are not included.

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