Top 10 Best iPhone Accessories 2019

There it is; the incredible piece of magic is now resting on your hands, the new iPhone. So,
you want your new expensive device to go long way and last for years to come with no
dying, shattering or annoying errors! Well the best way to get most out of your new
expensive iPhone is by finding the right iPhone Accessories.

There is a sheer variety of accessories in the market designed specifically for iPhone devices. You can choose them to enhance the overall look of your Apple Smartphone and also add some useful functionality with the selection of right iPhone Accessories at discounted rates by using amazon India coupon codes and promo deals available online.

Top 10 Best iPhone Accessories 2019

Below is the compiled list of top 10 iPhone accessories in 2019 which are worth buying if
you want to get a bit more out from your newly purchased Apple iPhone.

1. Wireless Charging Pad

iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus and iPhone X come with the function of wireless charging and to
complement this feature there is a wide range of wireless charging pads available on Amazon and Paytm Mall. This portable, yet powerful wireless charging pad efficiently power up your iPhone at rapid pace.

2. Tile – Waterproof Bluetooth Tracker

Tile is another efficient and useful iPhone accessory to buy in 2019. It is the water resistant
Bluetooth tracker that can be attached easily to the keys or other items which you can’t afford to lose. If you misplace the keys, then open the app on iPhone which will help you find it quickly.

3. Rugged Cables

If you are adventurous in nature and searching for accessories to tolerate the daily abuses and elements, then rugged cables is super durable accessory for iPhone. It is dirt resistant and designed with sealed caps to keep filth and dirt out.

4. Stance Tripod

This is a handy, useful tripod designed for iPhone models. It allows the users to prop up their device in either portrait or landscape view. It makes a perfect option for shooting videos or doing photography or to enjoy hands-free video conferencing or reading.

5. Bike Mount and Case

Cyclists and bike riders would love this accessory as this mount and case combo enables
them to operate their device while riding their bike. It is made out of robust aluminium mount that can be attached to the steam of the bike for easy navigation of maps.

6. Audio and Charge Cable

If you are the new iPhone users pinning for 3.5mm jack, then this is the valuable accessory
for you. It acts as the lightning port splitter which enables you to convert your single
lightning port into two, one for charging and one for listening to music.

7. Flash Drive

Apple mobiles are expensively priced for its premium storage spaces. But you are no longer
required to worry about storage spaces in your iPhone as this compact flash drive can solve
your problem. It comes with lightening connector at one end and USB 3.0 port at the other
end and in middle there is 32GB of storage space for your data. So, store your files and data at this flash drive to save space on internal memory of your device.

8. Wireless Ear Set

If you are in searching of something that is more refined than AirPods, then the wireless ear set would be the ultimate choice for you. It features multiple points of articulation and
enables the speakers to sit comfortably inside your ear for smoothing sounding experience.

9. Camera Lens Kit

You can add up to 5 camera lens on your iPhone camera with this affordably priced camera
lens kit. It comes with a clip to attach the lens on your phone’s cameras. The kit includes
telephoto lens, circular polarized lens, macro lens, fish eye lens and wide angle lens. Check at Paytm Mall for discount offers or visit CouponsCurry site for Paytm Promo Code for Gadgets.

10. Extendable Selfie Stick

This is another great accessory for iPhone which comes with built-in Bluetooth remote
control that allows you to capture great images with front camera.

So, these were some of the great and top 10 iPhone Accessories in 2019 which are worth
buying to improvise the functions and to get most out of your new iPhone device.


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